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Robyn Lawley, who's moving from modelling into the TV cooking world.
Robyn Lawley, who's moving from modelling into the TV cooking world.

Britain has Nigella Lawson, Australia has Robyn Lawley. We know the first television kitchen seductress but if you haven't heard of the second, she's big in the modelling world as a size 16 model and food blogger who is filming a cooking show destined for Foxtel next year.

Now based in New York, sweet-toothed Lawley has teamed with Aussie filmmaker and foodie Matteo Bruno, the owner of the Meatball and Wine Bar that's rolling along super well in Flinders Lane.

They have been shooting around the Big Apple foodie mecca and there are more dishes to be tasted before the series is in the can.

Lawley loathes the term ''plus-size model'' and prefers to promote healthy body image, but the plus-sized tag has landed her a modelling campaign with Ralph Lauren and she graced the pages of Australian Vogue.

Her blog, Robyn Lawley Eats, celebrates indulgences, such as ''the most incredible bacon dish of my life'' she found in Brooklyn.

Fox news says Peter turns 50

IT'S a big year for birthdays in the billionaire world of Lindsay Fox's clan. In April, the trucking tsar staged a three-day festival for his 75th and now a cake is being iced for the 50th birthday extravaganza of son Peter on Saturday. To mark the half-century, a newspaper-style invitation contained in The Peter Fox Post said guests will be transported to a surprise location and asked them to raid the costume box and dress in 1960s ''vintage chic''. Lindsay's private Essendon Airport hangar was the location for one leg of his celebration, so invitees are curious if it will be jazzed up again with vintage aircraft. The clever and kitschy Fox news edition is a tribute to the era's fashion, music and popular culture and features the ''Peter Fox crossword'' and his life story. As chairman of Fox Group Holdings, he is married to Lisa and they have three children, James, Hannah and Coco. In the trivia department, Peter went to Scotch College and finished his education in Hawaii at Punahou School, the private college that lists a fellow alumnus as US President Barack Obama. Hawaii is where Lindsay, wife Paula and the family often holiday to sway to a different rhythm from life in Toorak. In Chinese astrology, Peter is a tiger and his qualities are ''lucky, vivid, lively, engaging and bravery''. The zodiac doesn't have a fox but there are enough trucks on the road to ensure the clan maintains its fortune.

Town hall balcony view

A GONG will be needed to control the verbal emissions of the lord mayoral candidates when they share the same room at the Wheeler Centre on October 16 to state their case to ascend the throne. Custodian of the robe and chain, Robert Doyle, will be joined by Gary Morgan, Gary Singer, Brian Shanahan, Keith Rankin and Joseph Toscano in a friendly grilling by Sally Warhaft. Morgan, the animated pollster, and running mate John Elliott have made an impact, especially in cyberspace, by being likened to the cantankerous balcony duo in The Muppet Show, Statler and Waldorf. A mocked-up photo shows Morgan telling Elliott: ''I said muppet, not mayor.'' Morgan was good humoured about it, saying: ''I don't have a moustache!'' That means he was Waldorf and Elliott was Statler, the one with the, um, bigger nose.

Men do it in a dress

PERFORMER Joshua Horner, a judge on Dancing with the Stars, has worn some jazzy costumes in his time, but off stage he's been seen in a school dress. Unusual, especially when you hear it's for ''Do it in a dress''. It's do anything, as far as your good judgment allows, as part of a movement to raise money for the One Girl charity to send girls to school in Sierra Leone. Horner slipped a dress over his jeans for the Toorak taco night of a ''Do it in a dress'' team leader Megan Castran, the plucky YouTube blogger who has worn her blue and white uniform out and about, even on a beach in Port Douglas. Master cake maker Christopher Montebello from South Melbourne's Let Them Eat Cake turned up in a dress and with a gingerbread version, part of his extensive repertoire that includes making an Uluru cake for

Oprah when she came to Oz.

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