Remii and Remo Luciani take on the City of Melbourne Titles

HORSHAM woman Remii Luciani is using her budding film skills to shed a light on the often overlooked sport of kart racing.

Remii is the daughter of Remo Luciani, a seven-time Australian karting champion, one-time New Zealand champion and 68-time state champion. Miss Luciani has combined her passions to share karting with Australia. 

The former St Brigid’s College student is currently in her graduate year at the JMC Academy in Melbourne and will use her skills to highlight the world of karting. 

“I’ve always been involved in karting because of dad,” Miss Luciani said. 

“Ever since I was born I’ve been taken to the track.

“I decided for my graduate project I’d join my two passions together.”

Miss Luciani said she wanted to film the sport because a lot of people didn’t understand it.

“People keep saying something like this doesn’t exist, and if something does happen it only covers the top three people,” she said.

“We’re showing everyone from the front to the back. 

“I want it to show the atmosphere of karting, how family friendly and inclusive it is, as well as where it can take young people.

“I’m hoping this will open people’s eyes and help promote the sport.”

The project and accompanying money raising campaign have received massive support from the Wimmera and karting communities.

Miss Luciani said the project had already received $1575, 50 per cent more than her initial fundraising goal.

“It’s been absolutely amazing,” she said. 

“I can’t believe the support I’ve received. It’s overwhelming.”

An insight into the City of Melbourne Titles

Despite the online success, Miss Luciani said her father remains her biggest supporter.

“He’s pretty excited, it’s something he loves and for his daughter to have a passion for it too – I think he’s pretty proud,” she said. 

“He’s very exciting it’s something that will promote the sport.”

Miss Luciani credits the support of her St Brigid’s College teachers for her passion for film, editing and production. 

“My teachers really helped me, especially in year 12,” she said. 

“They helped me get where I was and foster that passion. 

“I’ve been talking to them and other people from home and they’re really proud – it’s nice to stay connected to where you’re from.”

The project would follow competitors, including her father, and races across the City of Melbourne title open meeting at the weekend.

Miss Luciani said more information about the competition and project could be found on her Highlights of the City of Melbourne Titles Facebook page.