Melissa McGennisken sentenced over Urquhart Street, Horsham speeding

A WOMAN angry after a fight with her partner drove 102 kilometres an hour in a built-up 60 kilometre an hour zone before crashing, a court has heard. 

Melissa McGennisken pleaded guilty to one count of driving a vehicle at a speed dangerous to the public in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. 

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Michelle Wentworth said the 33-year-old was driving a Ford station-wagon along Urquhart Street, Horsham, at 9.35pm on April 1 when she exceeded the speed limit by more than 40 kilometres an hour.

Senior Constable Wentworth said prior to getting into the car, McGennisken had an argument with her partner, who was one of two male passengers in the car. 

The court heard McGennisken was travelling at excessive speed as she drove over the railway line where Urquhart Street becomes Kalkee Street.

Senior Constable Wentworth said at this point, the rear of the vehicle slid to the right and caused the car to skid about 60 metres sideways in an anticlockwise direction.

She said the car crashed into a light pole and median strip, which caused it to spin in the opposite direction for 15 metres before it came to rest across Mill Street.

Senior Constable Wentworth said the rear passenger required medical attention for a cut to their head. The major collision investigation unit determined the car was travelling between 102 and 111 kilometres an hour and was out of control prior to the crash. 

Senior Constable Wentworth noted the incident occurred in a built-up area, on a day with fine weather and dry roads. 

Magistrate Mark Stratmann told McGennisken her actions had endangered the lives of many people and she was extremely lucky the crash wasn’t fatal.

“To say it was reckless is almost to put too thin a shine on it,” he said. “What you did that night put every other member of the public at risk of death.” McGennisken’s licence was cancelled, she was disqualified from driving for 18 months and placed on a community corrections order. She could also face road and light pole repair costs.