CBL round two: Horsham Hornets v Stawell Wildcats

THE Horsham Hornets posted its second victory of the 2016-17 Country Basketball League season against the Stawell Wildcats on Sunday. 

The final score read 89-41 as the Wildcats struggled under pressure and the Hornets ran home. 

The Hornets were strong out of the gates as Tim Pickert, Damien Skurrie and Cam Bruce got the play moving with some swift points. 

While the Wildcats managed to score consistently throughout the game, the side struggled playing catch-up against the fast paced Hornets. 

Hornets coach Cam Bruce said the team effectively followed its game plan. 

“We wanted to put pressure on their ball handlers and we were able to force turnovers and get some easy baskets from there,” he said. 

Bruce said his team made significant improvements after its round one win. 

“We worked on our structures and our running offences during the week,” he said. 

“It took a bit to get going but once it clicked we piled the points on before quarter time, stayed strong and kept it and extended it.” 

While Bruce was pleased with the overall performance, he said there were still elements to work on. 

“We still have to polish our overall game, we are still a new group,” he said. 

“We had two of our better players missing so we need to stick to our structures and get that experience back.” 

Brett Goodgame and Josh Grover were both unavailable for Sunday’s game but will return next week for round three. 

Tim Pickert was the Hornets star player, leading from the front with defence and contributing 23 points. 

Bruce said Matthew Lloyd and Mitch Martin were also top contributors. 

“They are younger guys who stood up and took the next step,” he said. 

“They weren’t afraid to take on the play and drive for the hoop against more experienced bodies.” 

Bruce said it was a great feeling to have started the season with two home wins. 

“We had close to 300 people in the crowd on Sunday which is a big support, they provide the extra adrenaline for us,” he said.