Schoolaerobics Spring Challenge

HORSHAM students from Holy Trinity Lutheran School and St Brigid’s College have returned from the Schoolaerobics Spring Challenge with three outstanding podium finishes. 

St Brigid’s All Saints team managed a first place, while Holy Trinity’s Energetix and Littlegetix teams took home second place in their respective divisions. 

Head coach Amanda Wik said she was ecstatic about the final result. 

“It is a great way to finish off the year,” she said. 

“The teams worked so hard. Energetix have been competing for three years. 

“There was a lot of hard work involved at lunchtimes, after school and weekends. 

“They have a very supportive group of parents and the school itself. Holy Trinity’s principal comes to every competition.” 

All teams were required to display aerobic energy, with four jumping jacks, high leg kicks, knee push ups and an eight-count straddle seat. 

The year 8 All Saints students finished with a score of 57 after just 10 weeks training, in a win over the second-placed team, which scored 56.6. 

Energetix, made up of students from grade 4, 5 and 6, achieved a score of 75.9. 

Aerobics helps students realise what they can achieve with hard work

Amanda Wik

The winning team scored 77.5. 

Littlegetix, made up of grade 2 and 3 students, performed a routine choreographed by Wik. 

The team finished with a score of 81.1, close behind the first-placed team with 85.8. 

Wik said she was looking forward to working with the teams in 2017. 

“I am extremely proud of all the girls,” she said.

“Next year’s set routines come out in a week so we will send out the CD’s for the students to re-audition. 

“They are a great group of kids who I love working with it. 

“It is so rewarding. 

“Aerobics helps students realise what they can achieve with hard work.”