Horsham Squash Club hosts Western Districts tournament

THE Horsham Squash Club hosted the bi-annual Western Districts tournament on Saturday October 15 and Sunday 16. 

Representatives from Warrnambool, Donald, Naracoorte, Portland, Hamilton Melton and Corio squash clubs took to the courts. 

Competition was strong with some close tussles between players. 

Horsham Mother and daughter duo, Buffy and and Nia Harrison fought it out in division six. 

On equal points, Buffy just managed the upper hand by one game over Nia. 

Junior players Connor Chivell and Jonte Brain tasted success in their first year of competing in the tournament with Chivell taking out the plate event in division six. 

Former Horsham player Sandy Creek, now Melton club member, had another close game with a narrow win against Christine Chapple, winning 3-2 with just a few points separating the final outcome. 

Warrnambool’s top seed Tom Kelson went down to Warrnambool’s Luke Boyce in division one, both proving their skills and style to achieve their top two rankings. 

Horsham’s Hayden McDonald claimed the win in division two while Peter Miller secured a win in division four. 

The Horsham Club had an extremely successful day with Tim Davey finishing runner up in division five and Elliot Borgelt runner-up in division four. 

Division results: 

Division 1 - Winner : Luke Boyce (Warrnambool)

                 Runner Up : Tom Kelson (Warrnambool)

                 Plate Event : Gavin Flett (Warrnambool)

Division 2 - Winner : Hayden McDonald (Horsham)

                 Runner Up : Tim Koch (Naracoorte)

                 Plate Event : Tony Bennett (Corio)

Division 3 - Winner : Luke Patterson (Portland)

                 Runner Up : Mel Dickenson (Naracoorte)

                 Plate Event : Peter Hennig (Warrnambool)

Division 4 - Winner : Peter Miller (Horsham)

                 Runner Up : Elliot Borgelt (Horsham)

                 Plate Event : Brad Bianchin (Hamilton)

Division 5 - Winner : Nilo Polkinghorne (Hamilton)

                 Runner Up : Tim Davey (Horsham)

                 Plate Event : Connor Chivell (Horsham)

Division 6 - Winner : Bev Holcombe (Warrnambool)

                 Runner Up: Greg Hart (Warrnambool)

                 Plate Event : Jonte Brain (Horsham)