Christmas alleged burgular Lance Robert Nikkelson asks to return to Horsham

A MAN accused of stealing Christmas presents from Horsham houses has requested he be returned to the Wimmera for his next court date.

Lance Robert Nikkelson, 45, of no fixed address, appeared in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Nikkelson appeared in Horsham via video link.

He had previously appeared in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, where he was denied bail.

Nikkelson asked magistrate Mark Stratmann to be allowed to appear in person for his next court date in Horsham on February 8. 

“I’d like to come up and front them,” he said.

“I’d like to give it back.

“It’s not their fault I took their stuff. I’d like to give it back.

“I don’t want to waste any more of your time your honour.”

Nikkelson’s defence lawyer asked for an adjournment of four weeks until February 8.

The accused also addressed Mr Stratmann, asking to appear in person and not via video link at the next court date.

Mr Stratmann said Nikkelson faced 11 charges from two briefs. 

Nikkelson was denied bail in Melbourne’s Magistrates’ Court after his arrest in St Kilda.

The Melbourne court heard he was accused of stealing about $9000 worth of property from six homes between December 12 and 20.

During the Melbourne bail application, Nikkelson’s lawyer said he had a long history of substance abuse sparked from using valium after he suffered a head injury in his late teens.

The court also heard Nikkelson was arrested in October last year after he allegedly stole $5000 from a cashier who was counting money at a Horsham Tabaret outlet.

Nikkelson was arrested on December 23 and was allegedly found in possession of stolen goods, a quantity of the drug ice and a jemmy bar, torch, hammer, gloves and screwdrivers.

Mr Stratmann granted an adjournment until February 8 where Nikkelson will appear in person.