Viterra Dooen breaks records after bumper Wimmera harvest

WIMMERA grain growers are enjoying a bumper harvest and Viterra’s Dooen site has broken its all-time season record with over 150,000 tonnes received so far.

Viterra’s Dooen site supervisor Andrew Brown said the high tonnages reflect the excellent season growers had and the investments Viterra has made to speed up receivals.

Mr Brown said staff put in a great effort to keep growers and carriers moving through the site.

“The previous season record was 121,000 tonnes in 2013/14 so we’ve well and truly passed that now and we’ve still got a fair bit of harvest to go,” Mr Brown said.

“Our priority has been getting trucks in and out of the site as quickly as possible.

“We are operating three sample stands to speed up turnaround times, we have five drive over hopper and stacker sets to increase elevation capacity and are using all storage options available to take loads.

“We have 21 segregation available to service growers in the area for cereals, canola and pulses and grower feedback has been really positive.

“The last week of December and first week of January saw harvest really ramp up and were our busiest weeks of the season.

“Yields are exceeding grower’s expectations so it’s great to see them having an excellent year.”

Mr Brown said the site had also been out-turning the grain for domestic and international customers.

“As long as Australian grain remains competitive globally, we expect to see year-round container and bulk demand.

“We provide access to multiple buyers who utilise our bulk and container options, offering great choice for growers.

“End-use customers really value our flexibility and reliability in meeting their exact requirements.”