Letters to the editor

Successful fundraiser a combined effort

The North West Grampians Branch of the Lions Club of Horsham is pleased to announce that its first fundraiser was a success and would like to thank 134 patrons that supported this innovative fundraiser.

A special thanks to the Horsham Rural City Council for the small grant through drought funding to support this event. This support enabled the Branch to subsidise the ticket price.

We would also like to thank the Horsham Town Hall staff for their professional assistance particularly with the sound and lighting effects.

Thanks also goes to Jan Morris who opened her home to Christine Middleton and provided accommodation and whose support was very much appreciated.

It was truly an entertaining evening complemented with pre-show nibbles and refreshments, and the recently formed Lions Branch is proud to have brought the performance to Horsham.

We hope to be able host a second performance by Christine Middleton,  a solo multi media performer,  “Scones, Lamingtons and Chocolate Rolls”.

President Keith Fischer

North West Grampians Branch Lions Club 

Syria is now everyone’s crisis

Six-year-old Yousra is the same age as the war in Syria. All she has known is war and when my colleagues met her, she was playing hopscotch among the bombed-out buildings of Aleppo.

War cannot kill the imagination of a child. But it’s depriving millions of children like Yousra of a childhood.

The people of Syria have now endured an armed conflict that’s lasted longer than WW11.

Imagine what it’s like for Yousra and her friends to live through 2,190 days of war.

Syria is now everyone’s crisis and every one of us can help. Find out how atredcross.org.au

Peter Walton,

 Director International, Australian Red Cross

The blue-green algae warning for Taylors Lake was lifted by GWM Water on Friday. The lake has been declared safe for swimming, boating, fishing and  water sports.

The blue-green algae warning for Taylors Lake was lifted by GWM Water on Friday. The lake has been declared safe for swimming, boating, fishing and water sports.

You send them, you bend them, now mend them

Whilst it is very commendable for our current serving politicians remembering  Hamilton Lamb who died as a member of parliament in WW2.

 The headline I would rather see is ‘Tribute to Veterans Affairs’, for removing their adversarial treatment of current serving and veterans of recent conflicts.  

Sadly this past week we have seen the suicide of yet another young former soldier, the sixth this year.

 This on top of the 75 recorded suicides of young veterans, both male and female in 2016.

I implore our leaders to make more of an effort to stop this national tragedy before another young life is lost.

 A less adversarial pathway to making a claim and having a better resourced community to deal with the effects of war would be a good start.

You send them, you bend them, it’s up to you to mend them.

John Francis 


New Bills to parliament

This week, three Bills were introduced to the Victorian Parliament which may be of interest to residents across the Lowan electorate.

These are the Family Violence Protection Amendment Bill ,  Ports and Marine Legislation Amendment Bill, and the  Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Miscellaneous Amendment Bill.

More information on the proposed Bills can be found atwww.parliament.vic.gov.au/legislation.

Emma Kealy MP

Member for Lowan