Central Wimmera Tennis Association A Special grand final Telangatuk East v Natimuk: preview

A Special Natimuk side making the club proud.
A Special Natimuk side making the club proud.

A SPECIAL sides Telangatuk East and Natimuk have been gearing up for the final contest of the season at Horsham Lawn Tennis Club on Saturday. 

Natimuk are arguably the team in form at the moment defeating Homers in the semi-final 11 sets and 110 games to three sets and 74 games. 

The side then proceeded to defeat minor premiers Brimpaen in the preliminary final 9-104 to 5-97. 

Telangatuk East booked its grand final stage early on, defeating Brimpaen in the semi-final 8-106 to 6-83. 

Number one men’s player for Natimuk Carl Sudholz believes his side are coming into the tie as underdogs. 

“We have nothing to lose,” he said. 

“Unlike in round nine both sides will have full sides so I expect it to be a fair bit close.” 

The last time the two sides met was in round nine, Natimuk defeated Telangatuk East 8-88 to 6-83. 

A secret for the side to performing so well in the finals series has been simply a change-up of when players take to the court. 

“Our men had struggled originally so we thought we would mix it up a bit,” he said. 

“The women had always been strong against all sides.” 

Sudohlz said the side wouldn’t be where it is if it weren’t for the three juniors that had joined the fray. 

“These players, Jordan Smith, Zach Smith and Henry Mackley have all made the step up to A Special standard of play and have contributed greatly to the side this season,” he said. 

“I think they will be a huge part of the club for years to come.” 

Natimuk had not been able to field a full team until recent weeks due to the harvest. 

Sudohlz knew if everyone was in the side would be competitive. 

“Now we have made it this far we have nothing to lose,” he said. 

“We will be putting everything we have in full equity on the court on Saturday.

“We also realise this is their third chance to win an A Special flag and take one south so-to-speak.” 

This will be Natimuk’s chance to take home two of three finals in A Special. 

“They have some strong players,” Sudholz said. 

“Their men are always strong so I expect it to be a close match-up in every set.”