Bowling star Betty Cozens gives us an insight into her bowling life | Photos

IT’S not often a Horsham bowler represents the region in multiple sections but this year Horsham woman Betty Cozens will do just that. 

The well drilled bowler had won the Region Champion of Champions Singles competition.

She will travel to Bendigo to take on the top bowlers in the state in the State Singles Finals on April 20. 

The best in the state compete in different sections including singles, doubles, triples and fours in Bendigo. 

The process of making it to the region championship singles is first to win your club singles competition, then win the division singles competition and then you qualify for the region championships singles which boasts four regions. 

Those regions are North Central, Grampians, North Wimmera and the Wimmera. 

Cozens’ big win which handed her the regional title was against North Wimmera bowler Edna Anderson. 

There are 16 regions in Victoria with Cozens contesting against all of them in April. 

“It was something I was quite proud of I suppose,” Cozens said. 

“It really has been a very busy 10 days.” 

Cozens had been bowling since 1993, and has made her name known in the bowling community in recent years. 

“It was a great feeling to win that title,” Cozens said. 

“It has been an amazing few days really,” she said. 

“To be a part of those events is just amazing.” 

She will travel with her Horsham City Bowling Club teammates to Moama to compete for the state title. 

“Those team events are great to win but to win the singles was quite nice too,” Cozens said. 

Cozens said she enjoyed the competitions. 

“They are always tough games and only one person can ever win any event and if it is your day and you’re lucky you come through,” she said. 

“It’s a nice feeling.”  

Cozens isn’t new to representing the region in bowls, having represented in state pairs and coming in runners-up twice, as well as coming runners up in state fours. She has also won state singles.

“I have been lucky to compete at that level,” she said. 

“It is always tough but it is always a good experience too.

“Bowls is like any sport, you have your good days and bad days and if you’re lucky the good days will be at the right time.”