Letters to the editor

Sophie Langlands with Chris Humfrey and Liz from Wild Action at Sunday's live show which was part of the Horsham Fishing Competition. Picture: WIMMERA CMA
Sophie Langlands with Chris Humfrey and Liz from Wild Action at Sunday's live show which was part of the Horsham Fishing Competition. Picture: WIMMERA CMA

LGBT lobby from the loud left

It was most sensitive of The Wimmera Mail-Times to close off any letters on the day that the Wimmera LGBT Tour was announced in your pages.

This action is in sync with the submissive response to the loud and abusive LGBT lobby against Coopers Brewery and The Bible Society of Australia as we have seen this week in the media.

The outcry by the LGBT lobby is embarrassing to say the least and dangerous to business (and even to property sometimes)isn't it?

People must not be in danger of losing a livelihood for even mildly speaking the truth concerning this global push by the Left of politics.

As the prophet of old said: Truth is fallen in the street.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Worthington


Editor’s note: Our readers will be aware that we sometimes choose to use the Letters to the Editor space for other content.  Any suggestion that we would do so to stifle debate on any particular topic is incorrect. 

Centrelink letters of demand

Stories are still appearing in the press recounting the ordeals of ordinary citizens confronted by the brutal demands from Centrelink.

The Wimmera Branch of the Australian Labor Party protests most strongly these Centrlink debt letters and demands, based on false information sent to past and present Centrelink  payments reciepients.

The Branch encourages affected people to access Get Up’s website Fraud Stop at https://fraudstop.com.au

This site has appropriate pro forma letters to allow members of the public who are affected by these rude and often unreasonable demands to repond.

All you need to do is enter a few details, explain why you want to appeal the debt claim against you, and hit send - FraudStop will then;

Compile a formal request for review and prints it off

Ask your local MP for assistance - we're hearing this can really speed up the process.

Send a complaint to Social Services Minister Christian Porter -- he's responsible for this automated debt letter debacle​

Submit an FOI request for your Centrelink file – so that you will have all the information you need to fight back.

The whole process should take less than five minutes -- which is better than waiting on the phone for hours with no result.

Richard L. Opie, Branch Secretary


New regional taskforce

I’m so pleased to let you know the Coalition Government has a new Regional Australia Ministerial Taskforce chaired by the Prime Minister.

The Taskforce will aim to improve the lives of rural, regional and remote Australians. It will come up with ideas across portfolios including health, education, transport and infrastructure, employment, industry and communications.

A cross-portfolio taskforce is the best way to implement good regional policy across multiple portfolios and continue to invest in rural, regional and remote Australia.

The committee includes Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, myself as deputy chair, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Health Minister Greg Hunt, Education Minister Simon Birmingham, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Darren Chester, Resources and Northern Australia Minister Matt Canavan, Industry, Innovation and Science Minister Arthur Sinodinos AO and Employment Minister Michaelia Cash. Other Ministers will be co-opted onto the Taskforce as needed.

Fiona Nash

Deputy Leader of The Nationals