Pomonal Primary School school zone signage upgrade

Halls Gap Police
Halls Gap Police

CARS speeding through Pomonal Primary School’s crossing might soon be a thing of the past, with VicRoads to install larger school zone signage.

Halls Gap police, Pomonal Primary School teachers and parents called on VicRoads to upgrade signage to avoid a tragedy after a number of high-speed detections including someone travelling 94 kilometres an hour.

VicRoads said they understand the community’s concern about speeding vehicles through the town and school crossing.

“We have heard the community loud and clear and will upgrade the school signs on Ararat-Halls Gap Road, Pomonal” he said

“The signs will be similar to others we have recently installed in other towns in the wider region, with fluro edging to make the sign stand out more.

“This section of road will continue to be monitored to help determine any potential future upgrades. 

“VicRoads want to ensure the safety of all pedestrians, particularly Pomonal primary students and those using the recreation reserve.”

Senior Constable Kellie Harris said the signage would help notify drivers a school was nearby – something drivers often were unaware of now.

“The problem is we have people out there flying through,” she said.

“Hopefully this has a huge change.”

Pomonal Primary School principal Anthony Cain previously said speeding through the crossing had been an issue for years.

He said the school community holding grave fears a tragedy would occur and welcomed the new signs.

“It’s definitely a good start,” he sad.

“The clearing will be good, it’s quite cluttered at the moment and there’s talk of pruning trees back that overhang.

“It’ll stand out much better having a new colour and bigger signs.”

Mr Cain said time would tell whether flashing lights would still be necessary for the crossing, as initially desired, or whether the current work would be sufficient. 

He said the signage should be complete within a month. 

Mr Cain said the support of police, the community and VicRoads was a vital part of creating a safe environment for the 31 students. 

“I’m very happy with it,” he said.

“Police in Halls Gap have been really good, the got onto it very quickly after they surveyed the speed of people and the amount of people speeding though. VicRoads have been prompt.”