Police investigate Kaniva house fire

A house fire at Paterson Street, Kaniva.
A house fire at Paterson Street, Kaniva.


KANIVA College principal Ashley Munn believes losing a house in the small town could make it difficult to attract new teachers to the school. 

A Kaniva College teacher’s house was damaged in a suspicions fire on Sunday.

The house is owned by the Education Department.

Mr Munn said it was often difficult to get new teachers in small towns.

“Accommodation is something we can use to attract people,” he said.

“To lose it is very disappointing.”

An Education Department spokesperson said the house was tenanted by a teacher, who was away at the time.

“We are working with the teacher to ensure they are relocated to another teacher home,” the spokesperson said.


HORSHAM’s Crime Investigation Unit is investigating a suspicious Kaniva house fire. 

Senior Constable Adam Bronca said investigations were continuing and police had spoken to a number of witnesses. 

He said the house was completely destroyed and gutted, 

Senior Constable Bronca said luckily no one was injured in the fire with the house unoccupied at the time of the blaze.

He said the house was owned by the education department and rented to a teacher.


POLICE have interviewed two children following a suspicious house fire at Kaniva on Sunday.

Nhill Sergeant Jim Lee said the fire, at 6 Paterson Street, Kaniva, started about 4.40pm.

Seven fire crews attended the scene, along with police from Nhill and Goroke.

The fire was under control within 45 minutes.

Sergeant Lee said the Horsham Criminal Investigation Unit was now investigating the blaze.

He said police had spoken to two young alleged offenders in regards to the fire.

The fire investigation unit was also at the scene.

No one was home at the time of the incident.