Horsham graffiti workshops teach students

WIMMERA students are being educated about the difference between street art and graffiti in an effort to curb costly graffiti across Horsham. 

Police said graffiti has been an issue they face and contributed to 406 instances of property damage in the Horsham area in 2016. 

Horsham Rural City Council’s community services director Kevin O’Brien said the cost of removing illegal graffiti throughout the city falls on council, and in turn ratepayers. 

“It is an expensive process to remove graffiti and in recent times council has spent almost $60,000 doing just that,” he said.

Five schools across Horsham participated in a graffiti education program focused on graffiti vandalism and the difference between street art and illegal vandalism. 

Mr O’Brien said the program was a joint council initiative with Nexus, Victoria Police, Art Is and the Public Art Committee and a Graffiti Prevention Grant from the Department of Justice.

He said the workshop focuses on the core themes of respect, responsible action, positive decision making and peer pressure.

Mr O’Brien said the education program would culminate in a street art program led by Art Is.

Students and Art Is members will work with reputable street artists to produce a public street art outcome ahead of the June 2017 Art Is festival.