2017 Junior Central Wimmera Tennis Association grand finals: review | Photos

HAVEN Black has been crowned the champions of section one in the junior Central Wimmera Tennis Association on Saturday. 

The side, coming from fourth in the table defeated home-and-away runners-up Natimuk six sets and 45 games to two sets and 27 games. 

The underdogs well and truly prevailed in this contest. 

Black started the tie with a close set win with Jayden McQueen and Rueben Launder partnering up to defeat Jordan Smith and Zachary Smith 6-4. 

Natimuk fought its way back into the contest and into the lead with two set wins in a row. 

Henry Mackley and Jayden Scott paired up to defeat Harry Combe and Cameron Sykes 6-5. 

Jordan Smith completed the second with a 6-4 win over McQueen. 

That was all the Natimuk side had to cheer for though being defeated in the remaining five sets. 

Launder started the onslaught defeating Zachary Smith 6-2. 

Combe stepped up to the fifth rubber to defeat Mackley 6-4. 

Sykes was the final singles game to win a set when he defeated Scott 6-2. 

Confidence was evident with Haven as the pair of Combe and McQueen comfortably pushed aside Jordan Smith and Mackley 6-1. 

Launder and Sykes took the last set Black’s way defeating Zachary Smith and Scott 6-2. 

It was a huge difference in class in section two boys with Central Park Blue defeating Haven Red 7-45 to 1-27. 

In section two girls it was a tight affair with the victors Central Park defeating Natimuk 4-37 to 4-35 to the division championship. 

In section three boys minor premier Haven White took away the trophy defeating Haven Yellow 5-40 to 3-26.

It was a landslide by Natimuk in section three girls with the side defeating Haven 7-47 to 1-15 on Saturday. 

Horsham Lawn Gold took away the trophy in section four boys defeating Haven Green 4-32 to 2-24. 

The dominant side in the section four girls won the grand final. 

Home-and-away minor premiers Horsham Lawn Green defeated club counterparts Horsham Lawn Gold 3-3-28 to 3-3-25. 

In the section five boys it was a landslide from the underdog side. 

Haven, who finished the season in third spot, defeated minor premiers Natimuk 5-5-22 to 1-1-12 to win division title. 

In the section five girls grand final it was the closest contest of the day with just three games separating the final scoreline. 

Horsham Lawn White won the division title defeating club counterparts Horsham Lawn Green 3-3-18 to 3-3-15.