Shave for a cure: Marion Clarkson

THREE years ago Marion Clarkson lost her husband to bowel cancer, on Thursday she lost her locks for a cure. 

Mrs Clarkson along with her daughters Rosalie Atwood and Andrea Clark faced the razor or spray cans in memory of their father and husband. 

Their efforts raised close to $1200, significantly more than Mrs Clarkson’s original $250 goal.

“I’m really just gobsmacked,” she said.

“It’s amazing. It blew us away it really did I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved.”

Mrs Clarkson said her new look was an adjustment but it was well worth it.

“It’s all gone,” she said.

“It’s weird because I was so used to having a bit of hair to twirl while reading the paper.

“Now there’s nothing to twirl, nothing to keep me half an hour in the shower.”

For the family, some of whom had participated in the World’s Greatest Shave or colour before, the experience filled them with pride. 

“It was marvellous,” Mrs Clarkson said.

“We were always close but this did bring us closer together.”

Mrs Clarkson said she wanted to shave her head when her husband was sick, but at his insistence didn’t.

“I wanted to do it while he was alive but he couldn’t see the point I suppose he was too ill at that stage,” she said.

“He’s been gone three years now, it took me three years to get the courage.”

Mrs Clarkson said she herself had experienced skin cancer and melanoma and many members of her and her husbands immediate family had been touched by cancer.

“It’s a real problem,” she said.