Horsham OAM awardees John Robinson and Jan Morris presented with medals by Govenor of Victoria

HORSHAM Order of Australia winners John Robinson and Jan Morris were presented with their medals by the Governor of Victoria on Friday.

Mr Robinson and Mrs Morris, along with their family members, travelled to Government House in Melbourne for the presentation.

Mrs Morris, who was awarded for her work with the Horsham Arts Council, Lions Club and Tidy Towns, said it was a beautiful and elaborate ceremony.

“There were 117 people presented with medals by the Honourable Linda Dessau, and her speech was just inspiring for anyone,” she said.

“We had a lovely day. I felt very honoured.

“The Governor said we all must have felt very humbled when we were first notified of the award, that’s why we were the sort of people who were awarded.”

Mr Robinson and Mrs Morris had their OAMs announced during the Australia Day honours, along with Horsham’s Heather Hewett.

Mrs Morris said it was a great chance to network with other people who were passionate about performing arts.

Mr Robinson, who was awarded for helping establish western Victoria’s Helicopter Rescue Service and Country Fire Authority D5 Aviation Unit, said it was a terrific day.

“It was great to be there with my family,” he said.

“It was great to meet a lot of people who were very positive about their communities.”

Mr Robinson’s wife Sue said being awarded an OAM for lifetime service was always the result of help from family and community.