Kalkee will regain several key players for its first home game | 2017 Horsham District Football and Netball League round 2

HE'S BACK: Steve Schultz returns to the Kalkee side after missing the opening fixture.
HE'S BACK: Steve Schultz returns to the Kalkee side after missing the opening fixture.

RIVALS meet in round two of the Horsham District Football and Netball League, with Edenhope-Apsley travelling to play Kalkee on Saturday. 

The Kees were demolished at the hands of Harrow-Balmoral in round one and will be looking to round two for a fresh start.

Three influential players – in Luke Byrne, Steve Schultz and Brendan McDonald – return after missing the opening fixture.

The Saints, on the other hand, will maintain a similar line-up to the round one clash against Noradjuha-Quantong, a game in which the side won by 83 points. 

Saints coach Michael Rowe has focused on ball skills at training, in the hope it would limit turnovers. 

Rowe said the Kees remained a relative unknown despite many changes in the off-season. 

“It’s only early days. I think everyone is still testing the waters,” he said. 

“This will be a good chance for both teams to suss each other out. 

“Kalkee are always strong, especially at home.” 

Rowe said his side has what it takes to leave with a win. 

“I am pretty confident,” he said. 

“The team will be unchanged, everyone will play better together in this round and we will be looking for some continuity.” 

Kees coach Hamish Exell said his side would possess more depth this week. 

“We have been working on our composure and not rushing the ball to boot,” he said. 

“Against Harrow-Balmoral, we seemed to try to kick the ball as soon as we could.” 

Exell said the game could be won in the midfield. 

“Hopefully Daniel and Adam Schache have a good game. They’re working hard at training,” he said. 

“We have squeezed in four sessions this past two weeks because our fitness was showed up a little in round one. 

“We are looking to put in a bit more of a consistent performance.” 

Young Jasper Gunn will be a player to look out for the Kees. 

“You can see his commitment is coming out in the way he performs,” he said. 

Rowe said his sides accountability is everything. 

“They have some really good ball runners like the Papst brothers,” he said. 

“We all understand the importance of starting strong and we will play with positivity early. 

“We won’t worry about their better players to much, later on we might put the tags on.” 

Exell is wary of the whole contingent of the Saints. 

“They are a very good team collectively,” he said.