We have just journeyed through the season of Lent – a time of discernment and prayers. TUPE IOELU

At the end of every harvest, whether it is successful or not, it doesn’t change the routine that we must look ahead and clear the fields for the coming season.

And, perhaps nature does not give us much time to sort out our expenses and wait until the harvest is sold. The only possible way to get by is to respect its course and start preparing the ground for the next life cycle.

Thank goodness we have options during preparation, and that is to decide the best crop for the next season. Given that we have a variety of options, it’s still beyond our control and no guarantee for its life. We can cultivate the ground to its best, but everything relies on the grace of the universe and its flow. Interestingly, there is a call on our spiritual life along the same process.

We have just journeyed through the season of Lent – a time of discernment and prayers. A time of preparation for our individual journey, as well as a community of believers.

The Lenten journey is also known as the time to make promises. It is a discipline in ways which will help us grow and develop on a personal level, as well as a community.

We know that we are called forward to the unknown on this unpredictable journey, and we know the universe is in control and we have to tick along its course whether we like it or not. Sometimes it is contradicting with our own desires and plans. Lent is time for discernment and prayers, a time for visioning and dreaming, a time to make space for God’s grace, a time to clear the ground and pray for what is best for all of us moving forward.

We ask ourselves questions like: What can we let go so that we can continue to work together? What is holding us back? All these questions are about making the journey a lot easier for us to live according to the flow of everything else in life.

Since we cannot control the course of nature just like what Jesus said, “The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes”, and so as our life. May God bless you in your discernment. 

Tupe Ioelu, Horsham Uniting Church