Horsham's Benjamin Smith jailed for weapons

A HORSHAM man has been sentenced to a week in jail after police found him walking around the city with a large stick and a knife.

Benjamin Albert Smith, 29, appeared in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday via video-link and pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon and giving false information to police.

The court heard police had received reports on October 2 at 2pm about a man walking along Kalkee Road, Horsham with a large stick.

Police attended and found Smith holding a stick and wearing a yellow helmet.

Police searched him and found a knife in his pants.

Smith told police he had no identification on him and told the officers his name but gave them a false address.

Smith told police he was using the stick as an aid because he was having trouble walking. Magistrate Steven Raleigh sentenced Smith to seven days in jail.

Smith was already in jail for other matters and the new sentence will be served concurrently.

Mr Raleigh said Smith had a lengthy history of weapons charges and warned him about the consequences.

“Every time you come back to court with another weapons charge, you will get jail time,” he said.

Smith was fined $200 for giving false information to police.