Victims of Crime Commissioner steps in after yet another man goes missing from a sex offenders facility

Greg Davies.
Greg Davies.

A VICTIM of Crime Commissioner has questioned whether something is wrong with the justice system in Victoria.

Greg Davies’ comments came after yet another man went missing from a notorious sex offenders facility near Ararat last week. 

A 41-year-old man fled from Corella Place, nicknamed the Village of the Damned, on Thursday.

The facility holds convicted sex offenders who have completed their jail sentence but still pose a risk to the wider public.

Police were warning the public to not approach the man after a manhunt began.

A court order has suppressed the identity of the man, who was caught and remanded in custody near Beaufort about 10.30am Friday.

In response to the incident, Mr Davies said both victims and the wider public should have the right to feel safe when offenders were incarcerated in facilities such as Corella Place.

“When someone can walk away from a facility at will, when it’s clearly been determined they pose too much of a risk (to the community) to be at large … then something’s wrong with the system,” Mr Davies said.

This incident was not the first of its kind at Corella Place in recent years.

Last year, a 24-year-old man allegedly tore off his GPS monitoring bracelet and spent almost 12 hours on the run before police caught him near Beaufort.

Corella Place, also known as the Village of the Damned.

Corella Place, also known as the Village of the Damned.

In the aftermath, Victoria Police hosted a community forum in Ararat.

More than 50 residents raised concerns about security at the facility and for the safety of the town’s residents.

There have been at least seven cases of residents absconding from the centre since 2010.


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