Make sure you take a look at the schedule for round four of the MX Nationals, staged in Horsham


THE MX Nationals round four is right around the corner with all the races being staged at the Dooen Recreation Reserve on Sunday. 

Riders will be out on the track at 8am with gates opening at 7.30. 

The first race will be the Motul MX2 practice and qualifying round at 8am and will run for 25 minutes. 

The Pirelli MXD practice and qualifying race is next and starts at 8.30. 

Third will be the Feature Class practice and qualifying at 9am. 

The final qualifying and practice race will be the Thor MX1 class. 

There will be a short interval before the official opening at 10.05am, this will take five minutes. 

Each class has two races with the Motul MX2 and Thor MX1 each taking 30 minutes plus one lap. 

The Pirelli MXD races take 20 minutes plus one lap while the Feature Class takes 15 minutes. 

The first race of the round is the Motul MX2 at 10.25am with the second scheduled at 11.10am in the Pirelli MXD class. 

Thor MX1 is the final race before lunch at 11.45am. 

A 45 minute lunch break is scheduled to start at 12.20pm. 

After lunch the Feature Class races before round two of each other class starts. 

Motul MX2 has its second race at 1.50pm with the Thor MX1 class following at 2.35pm. 

The Pirelli MXD class races at 3.20pm with the Feature Class rounding out the day at 3.50pm.