God, however, makes no mistakes, and consequently, He needs no eraser.

Years ago, one man made a rather large fortune by inventing erasers for pencils!

FORGIVE: Good works.

FORGIVE: Good works.

Someone else made an even bigger fortune when he invented the delete key for computers.

God, however, makes no mistakes, and consequently, He needs no eraser.

Yet, in a sense, He erases, not His, but people’s mistakes – our mistakes.

The Bible does not use the word “erase” to describe God’s forgiveness, but expressions like these are used: God removes our sins, puts them behind Him, buries them, cleanses and washes them, nails them to Christ’s cross and covers them with Christ’s mantle of righteousness.

We could also say that God uses a delete key, and when He does, the screens on which our sins are recorded are thoroughly blank.

Because God has forgiven us all our trespasses, we are compelled by God’s love to forgive those who trespass against us.

God’s words on forgiveness also remind us that humility, gentleness, patience, long-suffering, kindness, and goodness are character qualities that tower heads above being strong, aggressive, or unwavering.

The humble and gentle people are those we find ourselves drawn to when we feel burdened or weary.

As Christians, we are called to be examples to others, of what is possible, when a person lives a life in Christ.

This week then, may we continue to be encouraged to live out our Christian vocation, knowing that God’s Spirit is with us, as we do good works in God’s name.

Reverend Denis Sotiriadis for the Horsham Christian Ministers Association. The You and the Church column appears in Friday’s Wimmera Mail-Times.