Holy trifecta a sure thing

Sunday June 11 was Trinity Sunday, so we are now in the post-Pentecost (50 days after Easter Sunday) or post-Trinity season.  This season goes right up until the preparation for Christmas called the season of Advent, which will begin on Sunday December 3. 

A friend recently quipped that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – The Holy Trinity – could be referred to as The Heavenly Trifecta.  His comment originally puzzled and even troubled me, because the term trifecta is usually connected to gambling, and from the little I know about it, more specifically with thoroughbred and greyhound racing.

(For the record), my personal philosophy on gambling is that the best way to win at gambling is, ‘don’t!’

But the Heavenly Trifecta comment got me thinking that there could be something more in that than an off-the-cuff quip. 

The Holy Trinity refers to the unique combination of three divine persons in One.  Belief in The Holy Trinity is a tenet of the Christian faith, the belief that we are loved by and cared for by God the Father our creator, Jesus Christ His Son, our Saviour, and the Holy Spirit, our advocate, and always-present helper.

So now back to that term trifecta.  The little I do know about gambling and horse or dog racing is that if you do place a trifecta and your ‘sure thing’ does come home, your winnings are significantly enhanced.

As the old adage goes, ‘winners are grinners.’ 

However, the problem many gambling enthusiasts find is that ‘sure things’ are often anything but a surety, to the detriment of the gambler’s psyche, self-confidence and relationships, not to mention their finances. 

But you can pick a winner, a ‘sure thing’ – without any hint of gambling.

By believing in, trusting and following the Holy Trinity – the Heavenly Trifecta, you are winners, you can’t lose! 

Despite hard times that may affect your life, the Holy Trinity is there for you to reach out to, to call out to, to seek their help.  Help from God the creator who made you, Jesus who died, and rose again to save you, and the Holy Spirit, without whom you cannot believe these truths.

How do you access this ever-present help? By reading and listening to God’s Word in the bible, especially Jesus’ love letters – the Gospels - and by praying, that’s how. 

And if you think you can’t find the right words to say, simply pray, ‘Jesus help me’ or ‘Lord help me.’  Pray, because God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) promises to not only listen, but also answer your prayers – though sometimes not exactly as you may hope.

Pastor Geoff Schefe, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, on behalf of the Horsham Christian Ministers Association.​