Letters to the editor | June 16, 2017

"(Heavy fog) had barely lifted for my morning run with Miss Jazz along the railway tracks in Jeparit," wrote @deborahhunterphotography using #WakeUpWimmera.

"(Heavy fog) had barely lifted for my morning run with Miss Jazz along the railway tracks in Jeparit," wrote @deborahhunterphotography using #WakeUpWimmera.

Passion served him well

I WAS saddened to learn of the recent passing of Don Johns OAM.

Don’s contribution to both the people of the Wimmera and Australia is substantial. 

My interaction with him was mainly in his role as chairman of the Wimmera hospital auxiliary. While walking down Firebrace Street, Don challenged me about the condition of the Horsham oncology facilities. In true form, he poked me in the chest and told me to check it out. 

Our community is well served by straight talking passionate locals who care. I am fortunate to have known him for a short time. Don will be sadly missed and my thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

Andrew Broad, 

Federal Member for Mallee

Strong advocate for arts

AFTER 19 years of service as chairman of the Horsham Regional Art Gallery committee of management, it is with deep sadness to hear of the passing of Don Johns OAM.

Under his leadership and guidance, the gallery has built many important relationships within the community and has amassed an outstanding collection of Australian photography, painting, and works on paper.

During his time as chairman, the gallery has undergone two major renovations – firstly in 1999 which doubled our exhibition spaces and the recent renovation to the gallery and town hall in 2016.

This second project created a new collection storeroom and a suite of galleries that reflect the quality of the Horsham Regional Art Gallery collection.

For more than two decades, he was a strong advocate for the arts in the Wimmera.

Don was never afraid to speak honestly about the difficult issues, and worked hard to find solutions.

Horsham Regional Art Gallery staff, volunteers and committee of management

Keeping accountable

I WOULD like to remind Emma Kealy, Member for Lowan, that the National party has held the Lowan seat for more than 40 years – and yet Emma Kealy insists that everything that goes wrong up here in the Wimmera is Labor’s fault. Well, Emma, I have a deal for you, so listen up. 

If we all vote for you at the next State Election, I want you to sign an official promise that there will be no unemployment, no one will be unemployed and the drug problem in your electorate will be totally eradicated.

Now think very carefully over this because I, and many thousands of Lowan residents, will hold you to this.

Emma, I want to ask you for a list of what you have done for the people of Lowan, because, after all, we are paying you and we deserve a high level of honesty.

Now I, and the people, deserve  an honest answer to all that I have mentioned in this short letter.

Glenn Baker, Dimboola            

Waste needs attention

AGAIN we ask Horsham Rural City Council – when will residents be provided with a green waste bin?

Having read in The Age regarding the state government’s sustainability fund, we note that through the landfill levy tax our council pays $63 for every tonne of rubbish buried.

Calculations indicate that this is a “hidden tax” to ratepayers of $44 annually.

That means every time a garbage bin goes out half to three-quarters full of green matter, it contributes to this significant landfill tax. As of last year, the fund had $466 million sitting idle.

We urge the council to capitalise on the release of this information and apply for funding – as did Ballarat and Bendigo some years ago – to provide green waste bins and establish an efficient composting systems in our area.

Perhaps then we can move into the 21st century with waste management.

Rhonda and Mike Coffey, Horsham


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