Prioritise and avoid that mummy meltdown

I was so tied up recovering from ‘Annie’ earlier this month that I didn’t realise we were throttling towards the end of term two. 

When a catch-up with my mum’s group alerted me to the situation, I speedily became desperate with anticipation; holidays from school – how fabulous!

This revelation about the impending mid-year break made sense of the mountain of assignments, tests and exams dramatically careering through my kitchen every morning and evening. 

The fog immediately lifted on the mysterious locomotion of demands in my organiser. 

It swiftly made sense that the volleyball finals, production rehearsals, band tour and science excursion were on a collision course on the calendar.  

June holidays hurtling at us explained why last Friday night Yasinta was supposed to be at volleyball training, her altered singing lesson and a rescheduled musical rehearsal at exactly the same time.

Meanwhile Katianna was meant to be at a sound check for the Pink Floyd concert, a Legally Blonde practice and her music theory lesson in that same precise 60 minutes. 

I was also supposed to be running Tiani to an additional ballet exam preparation class. 

It was crystal clear this energetic timetable was engineered to ensure an end-of-term mummy meltdown. Did it succeed? I think not! Rather than run off the rails, I prioritised. 

So although I may look and feel like a train wreck, I am still standing…at the sink, washing machine and in front of a basket of washed clothes that need folding. 

It did rattle me and I rocked a little, but anticipating the possibility of several sleep-ins was the light at the end of the tunnel that kept me on track. 

Not derailed, I did lose all my fight there for a while, I even stopped shouting at everyone, but that must have been the impact of the three viruses in a row I picked up because I was so run down. 

I forgot how rotten it was to be unwell, and I needed much more sympathy than I got.   

All three of my daughters have gone through boxes of tissues too, with the upside being that our immune systems have been bolstered enough for us to power into the holidays on a crash course for our destination; wellbeing. 

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