Natural talent backed by hard working basketballers

HORSHAM Amateur Basketball Association president Owen Hughan has praised the hard work and sacrifice of three naturally talented basketballers as they continue to take big steps in professional careers. 

Mitch Creek will gear up for the Utah Jazz in two summer league campaigns next month before Chloe Bibby represents her country in Italy at the end of the month.

From there she will travel to the United States to play college basketball.

Hughan said it was clear early in Creek’s career he was an outstanding natural talent.

“I have seen quite a few come through who I think can make it at the National Basketball League level but it’s rare to see someone who you think can play professionally in America,” he said. “He can certainly do that.”

Creek will play for Utah from July 3 to 6 and then again from July 7 to 17.

Hughan said Bibby was a player who has yet to show her full potential.

“I think here she has been played out of positions a lot by playing inside,” he said. “She is probably more suited to playing at the three or four and she’ll get the opportunity to do that more in America.”

Shaun Bruce also took big steps forward in his career in the past NBL season. Hughan said he was another player who could still take his game to another level.

“I look forward to seeing him back during the school holidays for the camp he is running,” he said.

“It’s always interesting to see players come back, to see what they have learned and how they can help our young players. The kids love having the higher profile players to work with.”

Hughan said the association was also proud of their efforts off the court. 

“Anyone who has anything to do with them will know they are outstanding people,” he said. “I think that comes from the sacrifices they have had to make and the hard work they put in.”

He said the work the three players have had to put in is not realised by many outsiders.

“It takes a special level of drive and a concentrated effort to improve to make the most of talent,” he said.

“The dedication it takes is unbelievable. While the pathways we have available now in Horsham are different we still just want our players to be enjoying the game. They come down and play because they love the sport.”