Wimmera Hockey Association | Round Ten Review

Paul Mackereth (left) and Caleb Halsall fight for the ball. Photo by John O’Dwyer
Paul Mackereth (left) and Caleb Halsall fight for the ball. Photo by John O’Dwyer

A couple of weeks ago the run into the Wimmera Hockey Association finals looked to be predictable with most games going according to ladder positions, but with a number of unexpected results, all of the remaining games can have an influence on the makeup of the finals.

Both the Warrack Women and Nhill Rangers broke through for their first wins of the season, the Kaniva Cobras moved into the Open division top two for the first time in over three seasons and the Warrack Revengers have displaced the Leopards at the top of the Under 16 ladder after a close win.

Hurricanes Hurricanes’ Stuart Hallett looks for options before taking a free hit. Photo: Simon King.

Hurricanes Hurricanes’ Stuart Hallett looks for options before taking a free hit. Photo: Simon King.


After showing much promise over recent rounds, the Nhill Rangers have finally fulfilled their potential with a confident one-goal win over the second-placed Hoops.

The undermanned Hoops were unable to implement their usual quick short passing game and could not stop the Rangers’ fast running and long hitting game.

Even with this win, the Rangers will still struggle to make the finals, but the result sees the Hoops slip out of the top two for the first time in three seasons, and they will have to work hard to climb back up.

The Kaniva Cobras have confirmed that they are a serious contender this year after following up their win over the Hoops last round with a spirited draw with the undefeated Yanac Tigers.

In a very fast game, both displayed good teamwork and it was the Cobras who went into the break with a two-goal lead courtesy of scores by Adam Feder and Mathew McDonald, putting unfamiliar pressure on the Tigers who are usually the ones ahead on the scoreboard.

The Tigers have demonstrated on many occasions that they have the resilience to fight out any game right to the last whistle, and by the 20-minute mark of the second half they had drawn level.

Despite this draw, the Tigers remain favourites to retain top spot on the ladder until the finals, but it has allowed the Cobras to move into second place which will make the round 13 game between the Cobras and Hoops a mini-final, with the all-important second chance in the finals as the prize for the winner.

The Dimboola Burras have given themselves some breathing space in fourth place after a tight three goals to two win over the Horsham Hurricanes who had briefly replaced them in that position between rounds six and eight.

This win has not yet guaranteed the Burras a place in the finals, as the Hurricanes could still match them over the remaining rounds, but this win has put them in a prime position.  


The Warracknabeal Women have broken through for their first win since round five last season, and in doing so have tripled their goal tally for the season.

Previously, the team had only scored twice in nine games but found the goals on four occasions against the Nhill Thunderbirds who could only reply with one.

Despite the win, Warracknabeal is unlikely to challenge for a place in the finals, but if they can build on this result they will cause some problems for their higher placed opponents for the remainder of the season.

The Dimboola Roos have asserted themselves at the top of the Women’s competition with a one-goal win over their nearest rival, the Horsham Jets.

The difference on the field was only one goal, scored by Meaghan Pohlner. It extends the Roos’ lead on the ladder to eight points which the Jets will struggle to overhaul in the remaining five games.

In a close game, the Yanac Women made the most of their opportunities and finished two goals ahead of their Kaniva opponent.

Under 16

The Warrack Revengers defeated the reigning premiers, the Nhill Leopards, for the second time this season when they registered a two goals to one win on Saturday, which has seen them climb to the top of the ladder for the first time this year.

The Dimboola Kangaroos have kept the pressure on the top two teams with a six-goal win over the Horsham Bombers, to the point where they can challenge for top spot next week.

The Kaniva Raiders prevailed in their clash with the Yanac Warriors, with a five goals to one win which has opened the gap between fourth and fifth to 14 points making it very difficult for the Warriors to bridge the gap, as more wins by the Raiders will lock in the current top four. 

Under 12

After a slow start to their season, the Warracknabeal Under 12 team won its second game on Saturday when they defeated the Nhill Bandits.

The Dimboola Kookaburras defeated the Horsham Blackhawks and the Kaniva Rampagers won a close encounter with the Yanac Lowan Stars.

Round Eleven Fixture

At Kaniva

9.30 am - Under 16 - Kaniva Raiders v. Horsham Bombers

11.00 am - Women - Kaniva Women v. Horsham Jets

12.30 pm - Under 12 - Horsham Blackhawks v. Kaniva Rampagers

2.00 pm - Open - Kaniva Cobras v. Horsham Hurricanes

3.30 pm - Open - Warrack Hoops v. Dimboola Burras

At Yanac

Field One                                                           

9.30 am - Under 16 - Yanac Warriors v. Nhill Leopards

11.00 am - Under 16 - Warrack Revengers v. Dimboola Kangaroos

12.30 pm - Women - Warrack Women v. Dimboola Roos

2.00 pm - Women - Yanac Women v. Nhill Thunderbirds

3.30 pm - Open - Yanac Tigers v. Nhill Rangers

 Field Two

12.30 pm - Under 12 - Yanac Lowan Stars v. Nhill Bandits

12.30 pm - Under 12 - Warracknabeal v. Dimboola Kookaburras

Round Ten Results


Dimboola Burras 3 (Goals - C Halsall 2, B Lovett; Best - C Halsall, T Dent, L Schultz) defeated Horsham Hurricanes 2 (Goals - W Gulline, C Dodson; Best - P Mackereth, W Gulline, J Bannan, E Hayden)

Kaniva Cobras 3 (Goals - L Clark, A Feder, M McDonald; Best - M McDonald, A Feder, L Clark) drew with Yanac Tigers 3 (Goals - J Harding, B Alexander, J Cramer; Best - B Alexander, L Wheaton, J Cramer)

Nhill Rangers 1 (Goal - J Reichelt; Best - B Miller, M McCarthy, Murray Miller, J Reichelt) defeated Warrack Hoops 0 (Best - C Bardell, M Williamson, S Schultz, J Williamson)

                                         Pts          GD

Yanac Tigers                       38           26

Kaniva Cobras                   26           5

Warrack Hoops                 24           15

Dimboola Burras              14           -7

Horsham Hurricanes       10           -16

Nhill Rangers                      8              -23


Dimboola Roos 1 (Goal - M Pohlner; Best - B McMaster, M Pohlner, R Lovett) defeated Horsham Jets 0 (Best - K Triffitt, S Robinson, R Creek)

Warrack Women 4 (Goals - K Krahe 2, J Bull, S Hewitt; Best - K Krahe, A Morrow, D Robinson) defeated Nhill Thunderbirds 1 (Goal - D Cook; Best - K Farquharson, A Rintoule, E Murden)

Yanac Women 2 (Goals - S Alexander, J Kube; Best - L Bone, S Pipkorn, H Honeyman, S Hedt) defeated Kaniva Women 0 (Best - R Clark, S Williams, O Williams)

                                                Pts          GD

Dimboola Roos                 36           24

Horsham Jets                    28           16

Yanac Women                  20           -1

Kaniva Women                 18           -5

Nhill Thunderbirds           10           -16

Warrack Women              8              -18

Under 16

Warrack Revengers 2 (Goals - S Schultz, B Williamson; Best - S Schultz, F Eilola, L Klemm) defeated Nhill Leopards 1 (Goal - E Koop; Best - B Miller, E Koop, E Murden)

Kaniva Raiders 5 (Goals - T Mitchell 3, L Shalders, K Clark; Best - O Williams, L Shalders, T Mitchell) defeated Yanac Warriors 1 (Goal - M Farmers; Best - M Farmers, A Dickinson, J Croot)

Dimboola Kangaroos 6 (Goals - T Haines 2, D Danisch, B Walker, T Bamford, C Baker; Best - D Danisch, T Krelle, B Walker, T Haines) defeated Horsham Bombers 0 (Best - T Roberts, C Dodson, S Hallett)

                                                Pts          GD

Warrack Revengers        30           17

Nhill Leopards                  28           28

Dimboola Kangaroos      28           16

Kaniva Raiders                  22           -2

Yanac Warriors                  8              -22

Horsham Bombers          4              -37

Under 12

Warracknabeal 6 (Goals - L Eilola 2, C Bennett 2, H Zwar, M Butcher) defeated Nhill Bandits 3

Kaniva Rampagers 1 (Goal - K Clark; Best - K Stimson) defeated Yanac Lowan Stars 0 (Best - S Pedie)

Dimboola Kookaburras 3 (Goals - L Krelle 2, J Johnston; Best -  J Johnston) defeated Horsham Blackhawks 1 (Goal - J Schwarz; Best - K Dodson)

                                                Pts          GD

Yanac Lowan Stars           30           19

Dimboola Kookaburras  22           11

Kaniva Rampagers           22           9

Horsham Blackhawks     22           -7

Nhill Bandits                       16           -13

Warracknabeal                  8              -19