Horsham councillors David Grimble, John Robinson consider resignation

Horsham councillor David Grimble
Horsham councillor David Grimble

TWO Horsham councillors have threatened to resign from their positions.

At a meeting on Monday night, councillors David Grimble and John Robinson both stated they would consider resignation and called into question council’s governance.

The comments came after council decided to not explore other bypass options, which was its stance in 2013.

Cr Grimble said if councillors approved that decision, he would reconsider his position on council.

“This council will be criticised very heavily if it adopts this process,” he said.

“If we go back to a document to 2013, I might as well turn up in my overalls and park my horse in the street.”

“Should this council resolve option D and tick it off without reservation, I’ll tender my resignation.”

Cr Grimble said he would meet with the Municipal Association of Victoria on Thursday to further discuss issues with council.

He said his comments on Monday night about his possible resignation were not made flippantly.

“I spoke to the association a few weeks ago about some issues relating to how council was conducting its affairs in light of making good decisions,” he said.

“These issues remain unresolved.”

Cr Grimble said there was a divide within council.

“That is flowing onto the community and we are not making decisions that are best for the community,” he said.

“My position on council is not as strong as it should be because of this divide.”

Cr Robinson said he would also speak to the association this week.

He said on Monday night that he was starting to smell a rat in council.

“I’m not sticking around on a kangaroo court that is not working with this community,” he said.

“This community deserves far better leadership and governance.

“We have an opportunity to give this community a say and a choice, but for some reason, other councillors don’t want to do that.

“It’s very disappointing.”

Cr Grimble said while he and Cr Robinson had different issues, they were in similar positions and would both meet with the association..

“The association is there to offer advice for individual councillors, as well as council as a whole,” he said.

Cr Robinson was elected to council last year, while Cr Grimble has served since 2008.