Horsham's Ss Michael and John's Primary School enter Write a Book in a Day competition | Photos

HORSHAM students worked together to write a book for charity on Monday.

Ss Michael and John’s Primary School participated in the 2017 Write a Book in a Day competition.

The national competition involves students writing a book in a 12-hour period.

Librarian Linda McCall said it was a big day for the students, but it all went well.

“The students were given parameters that morning, including their characters, setting, themes and key words, so they didn’t know what they were going to write about until then,” she said.

“They worked in two groups to write two books and each student had to write a chapter each. They had to work together and there was a lot of negotiating and compromising to ensure all the chapters flowed.”

Ms McCall said energy levels varied throughout the day, but the students enjoyed it.

“It’s something we would definitely do again,” she said.

The completed books are given to hospitals throughout Australia.