Mail-Times Champion Footballer round 13 and 14 votes are in

LIGHTNING: Jeremy Kealy had an impressive game for Edenhope-Apsley when his team drew with Jeparit-Rainbow. Picture: SAMANTHA CAMARRI
LIGHTNING: Jeremy Kealy had an impressive game for Edenhope-Apsley when his team drew with Jeparit-Rainbow. Picture: SAMANTHA CAMARRI

AFTER one of the more entertaining rounds of football in the region, the latest votes for the Mail-Times Champion Footballer award are in. 

Five players were awarded the maximum of nine votes in round 14 of the Horsham District league while three players were given nine votes in the Wimmera league. 

Edenhope-Apsley leader Jeremy Kealy outperformed the players from his side and Jeparit-Rainbow on Saturday and was awarded nine votes. 

Daniel Baker of Pimpinio managed to collect the maximum of nine votes when his side travelled and was defeated by third-placed Swifts. 

Kalkee coach Hamish Exell stood up for his side when they took on long-time rival Rupanyup and was voted the best player on the oval. He gained nine votes. 

Two players in the Taylors Lake and Noradjuha-Quantong game were awarded with the ultimate prize. 

Lakers coach Jye Smith and Bomber Cam Bruce both gained the maximum votes.

Smith continues to lead the way on the Horsham District league leaderboard with 96 votes while Robbie Miller of Laharum is close behind on 91. 

In the Wimmera league Jarred Combe of the Horsham Saints was voted as the best player from the contest against Ararat, he was given nine votes. 

When the blockbuster game came along, Minyip-Murtoa verses Horsham, two players stood up to the occasion.

Burra John Delahunty and Demons’ Jeremy Hartigan led the way and both received nine votes. 

Nhill Tiger Billy Hayes remains at the top of the Wimmera league leaderboard and doesn’t seem like he will be caught. He has 78 votes.

Sam Clyne is sitting in second with 66 votes while Warrack Eagle Ryan McKenzie is third with 57 votes. 

Horsham District leaderboard

Jye Smith, Taylors Lake, 96; Robert Miller, Laharum, 91; Todd Heynen, Laharum, 88; Hamish Exell, Kalkee, 83; Jason Kerr, Noradjuha-Quantong, 80; Samuel Anson, Natimuk United, 71; Liam Jakobi, Pimpinio, 69; Jason Rae, Edenhope-Apsley, 69; Benjamin Taylor, Swifts, 64; Angus Martin, Laharum, 60.

Jeparit-Rainbow v Edenhope-Apsley

Jeremy Kealy, Edenhope-Apsley, 9; Dale Smith, Edenhope-Apsley, 7; Peter Weir, Jeparit-Rainbow, 7; Shane Maslin, Jeparit-Rainbow, 6; Sean Bayzand, Jeparit-Rainbow, 5; John Butler, Edenhope-Apsley, 5.

Natimuk United v Laharum 

Angus Martin, Laharum, 8; Brent Marra, Natimuk United, 7; Robert Miller, Laharum, 7; Brett Ervin, Laharum, 6; Jonathan Lovel, Natimuk United, 6.

Swifts v Pimpinio 

Daniel Baker, Pimpinio, 9; Ryan Folkes, Swifts, 7; Nicholas Thomas, Swifts, 7; Liam Jakobi, Pimpinio, 6; Sam Chatfield, Swifts, 5.

Kalkee v Rupanyup 

Hamish Exell, Kalkee, 9; Jasper Gunn, Kalkee, 6; Zack May, Rupanyup, 6; Hugh McMurtrie, Rupanyup, 6; Paul Christian, Kalkee, 4.

Harrow-Balmoral v Southern Mallee Giants 

Eric Guthrie, Harrow-Balmoral, 7; Timothy Sanford, Southern Mallee Giants, 6; James Cleaver, Harrow-Balmoral, 5; Scott Heath, Harrow-Balmoral, 5; Tyler Lehmann, Southern Mallee Giants, 5; Coleman Schache, Southern Mallee Giants, 5. 

Taylors Lake v Noradjuha-Quantong

Cameron Bruce, Noradjuha-Quantong, 9; Jye Smith, Taylors Lake, 9; Jack McRae, Taylors Lake, 7; Dustin Cross, Noradjuha-Quantong, 6; Jack Vague, Noradjuha-Quantong, 5; Jake Hinton, Taylors Lake, 4.    

Wimmera league leaderboard 

Billy Hayes, Nhill, 78; Samuel Clyne, Horsham Saints, 66; Ryan McKenzie, Warrack Eagles, 57; Jacob O'Beirne, Horsham Saints, 55; Kieran Ellis, Warrack Eagles, 50; Alan Batchelor, Ararat, 49; Simon Hobbs, Horsham, 47; Deek Roberts, Horsham, 47; Damian Cameron, Minyip-Murtoa, 46; Tom Mills, Ararat, 46.

Horsham Saints v Ararat

Jarred Combe, Horsham Saints, 9; Jack Ganley, Ararat, 7; Alexander McRae, Horsham Saints, 7; Nicholas Mendes, Ararat, 7; Grady Slocombe, Ararat, 7; Samuel Clyne, Horsham Saints, 4.

Warrack Eagles v Stawell

Angus Barham, Stawell, 6; Aaron Watts, Warrack Eagles, 6; Jack Beaton, Stawell, 5; Cameron Kimber, Stawell, 5; Sean Mantell, Stawell, 5; Riley Morrow, W’Eagles, 5.  

Nhill v Dimboola

Billy Hayes, Nhill, 6; Lachlan Watts, Dimboola, 6; Liam Albrecht, Nhill, 5; Jayden Kuhne, Dimboola, 5; Jare Krnjic, Dimboola, 4.

Minyip-Murtoa v Horsham

John Delahunty, Minyip-Murtoa, 9; Jeremy Hartigan, Horsham, 9; Luke Chamberlain, Minyip-Murtoa, 7; Deek Roberts, Horsham, 5; Damian Cameron, Minyip-Murtoa, 4.


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