Letters to the editor | August 14, 2017

Brooke Anne Robins was among the many readers to share photos of their moggies as part of World Cat Day on Wednesday; view the gallery at mailtimes.com.au
Brooke Anne Robins was among the many readers to share photos of their moggies as part of World Cat Day on Wednesday; view the gallery at mailtimes.com.au

Garage sale thanks

I WISH to congratulate everyone who came to our garage sale at Haven last Saturday for the respectful way they were behaved, and the way they brought along small change and small notes.

It was much appreciated – thank you.

Neville Pope, Haven

Facts about recycling

THERE has been a lot of recent discussion about recycling.

This has left some people wondering if it’s worth putting their glass and plastic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard out for collection because it might end up in a landfill.

The answer is, unequivocally, yes – keep recycling.

Recycling plays a vital role in Victoria’s environment and economy.

Choosing the landfill bin for items that can be recycled guarantees that it will end up in the tip.

It would be ideal if all material put out for recycling was used straight away.

But like any other resource prices for it and other raw materials fluctuate, which means they are at times less competitive than virgin material.  

Here are some fun facts about the benefits of recycling… 

Facts about glass: 

  • Glass made from recycled materials requires only 40 per cent of the energy needed to make glass from sand; and 
  • Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for four hours, or a fluorescent bulb for 20 hours.

Facts about paper: 

  • Paper and cardboard products made from recycled material conserves trees, and their production uses up to 50 per cent less energy and 90 per cent less water than making them from raw materials; and 
  • Recycling one tonne of paper saves three cubic metres of landfill space.

Facts about plastic: 

  • Producing plastics from recycled materials saves about 88 per cent of the energy needed to make plastic from the raw materials of oil and gas; and 
  • The energy saved by recycling one plastic drink bottle would power a computer for 25 minutes. 

Facts about steel and aluminium:

  • Making new products from recycled steel cans helps save up to 75 per cent of the energy and 40 per cent of the water needed to make steel from raw materials. Air pollution is also reduced by almost 90 per cent; 
  • Making new cans from used aluminium requires only five per cent of the energy needed to make a new can from scratch; and 
  • Recycling six aluminium cans you can save enough energy to offset the carbon emissions from a 10-kilometre journey in an average-size car, a 17-kilometre bus ride or a 25-kilometre train trip.  

Carl Muller, acting chief executive, Sustainability Victoria 

Sheepvention success

CONGRATULATIONS to the Hamilton Pastoral and Agricultural Society on the resounding success of Sheepvention 2017.

This premier event for the local region not only benefits our local food producers and enables us to show our fantastic producer and wares, but also attracts enormous numbers of people to our part of the state to experience and learn about the strengths of the Western District.

My personal thanks to the organising committee, staff and all the fabulous volunteers for making Sheepvention such a wonderful annual event for Hamilton and the broader Lowan electorate.

I look forward to seeing you at Sheepvention 2018.

Emma Kealy, Member for Lowan


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