Nutritional bar-raising

In the past week I have prepared magnificent breakfasts for my girls.

These feats include pancakes with vibrant ripe berries, farm fresh eggs on grainy toast drizzled with virgin olive oil, and porridge topped with banana, cinnamon and maple syrup. 

You can see what’s going on here can’t you?

Yes, I’ve been to a lecture that included reminders about the importance of nutrition, so I’ve taken a long hard look at myself and lifted my game. 

We all know this can’t last. There is no way I can physically keep it up. 

Anyway, I’m already at the supermarket every day, and one’s budget can only stretch so far.

Plus, I can now feel the panic of Production Week pushing in on me.

I’ll be at the Theatre all day every day this week, so not only will breakfasts return to their boring old cereal and toast selves, but lunch supplies will dwindle and dinner will probably become non-existent.

My girls will be wishing they had some of my homemade casseroles then I bet. 

So, even though Dr. Craig Hassed had me completely convinced I needed to up the nutritional ante in my nurturing role, I am mentally slipping back into mediocre, even before the week is out. 

Don’t worry, there will still be fresh fruit every day, I just won’t be cutting it up. 

I’m sure my girls will never fall into the group of Australian teenagers the doctor mentioned, whose diet is so poor that their likelihood of suffering from depression is 79 per cent higher than young people with a balanced diet. 

I’m hoping having to climb the stairs to their bedrooms provides my daughters with the exercise they need to produce enough serotonin to act as an anti-depressant, but I am sure, that they will not be amongst the heaviest users of social media who will suffer three times the rate of depression as light users.

Now, if I can just push the girls out the door into the sun for their dose of vitamin D, then drag them back in to be early to bed, we will avoid the huge links between low vitamin D and insomnia, with mental health struggles.  

I think I need to focus on my breathing… breath in, hold, release. 

Ah, that mindfulness really works.  

– Yolande Grosser

A Mum’s World appears in the Wimmera Mail-Times every Monday.