Letters to the editor | September 13, 2017

Attack prompts warning

MY HUSBAND and I have recently returned home from a holiday taken on the request of my mum who passed away in January.

On returning home, we were told a dog, or dogs, had attacked our sheep and several authorities were involved in having to confront the dead and injured sheep after this vicious attack. One had its intestines hanging out, skin was torn off their faces and bodies and many had severe puncture wounds in what was a sustained attack over a period of time in the night.

This attack happened out at Haven on a property that runs from Old Hamilton Road to Three Bridges Road.

I have viewed the photos of the sheep that were killed or had to be humanely put down due to their severe injuries. They were horrible – as are the results of most dogs attacks.

The person who owns this dog, or dogs, have not come forward to own up to the attack by their dogs. They would have returned home covered in blood and the owners would have known they had been involved in something. 

It disgusts me, and others, that you chose not to come forward. I hope you have disposed of the dog, or dogs, involved as I know if they are alive and get the opportunity to escape again, they will kill again. Once they have a taste for blood, it becomes a game for them. Every dog, if given the opportunity, can join with other dogs to attack sheep or other stock.

I hope the owner of these dogs does not have children as I would not have children anywhere near these dogs that are now considered dangerous and are capable of harming not only other animals but could harm or kill a child.  

I believe, from what we have been told, there were footprints of a large dog, found around the water trough in the paddock and that spotlighters were in the area that night.

We would like to thank people involved in the removal from the paddock and the disposal of the dead and dying sheep. We appreciate many people were involved and were pretty shocked to see the result of this dog attack. Your help was very much appreciated.

There are many sheep at Haven and I would suggest people be very vigilant and check their sheep regularly. We have other sheep in the area and visit these every day or every second day. Unfortunately, this attack happened at night.

Please lock up your dogs, exercise and don’t let your dogs get bored.

Dogs need care and should not need to turn to killing stock if they are looked after properly.

Sally Bertram, Horsham

Bring finals to Horsham

ACCORDING to a report in the Wimmera Mail-Times on Wednesday, September 6 (Titled: Plans to revitalise landscape), Horsham is in need of an outdoor cinema and a town square, while our underused river area needs restaurants, paddleboats and cycling tracks. And maybe we could stick some fairy lights in the trees, too. Sounds good, hey? 

Well how about this idea for another underused area of our city, which apparently didn’t rate a mention in the Village Well report (as a side note, I wonder how much that report cost us?). 

Maybe next year a Wimmera league final could be pencilled in for the Horsham City Oval. At the conclusion of this year’s final series, supporters will have travelled to Stawell, Murtoa, Warracknabeal and Ararat, culminating with the grand final at Dimboola. I know the finals need to be shared with other towns, but lately the only football game in town come finals time is the Horsham District league’s grand final. 

Just a thought. How about considering it for a moment? 

Frank Dossett, Horsham

Farmer meetings missing

WHAT has become of the Victorian Farmers Federation? 

As one who helped to get the farmers federation going, it puzzles me why this important group no longer seems to meet on a local, regional or state basis. 

Farrer House in Collins Street, Melbourne was sold during Andrew Broad’s time as president, which would have contributed to the decline of the VFF and Peter Walsh as Water Minister in the last Coalition Government refused to put water into the RIch Avon Weir or Lake Batyo Catyo. 

This resulted in people voting for the Liberal candidate in places such as Donald and St Arnaud for the first time ever. 

Perhaps some of your readers can explain why the VFF has folded up.

Oliver Guthrie, Ballarat


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