Create discussion despite vote outcome

Jesus welcomed the outcast Samaritan woman into a relationship with God.

This is because God made everyone including that woman by the well in his image, therefore not only was she valuable and precious as a person but more importantly, she was capable of having a relationship with God.

The Samaritan woman was an outcast to her society because of her various sexual relationships, but when she trusted Jesus, he forgave her.

This event from Jesus’ biography applies to the debate about marriage.

Whoever you are, whatever your past you are welcome to meet Jesus and be forgiven.

Because Christians believe God made men and women as two different but complementary genders we believe marriage is a safe place for the expression of sexuality and (hopefully) companionship and maybe even children.

While we might think this is best overall for society we believe that meeting Jesus is even more important.

Without Jesus, thinking about who made the world or considering what’s best for society is meaningless.

Christians might not be the best at expressing it sometimes, but we want to share the love Jesus had for the Samaritan woman with you.

Hopefully, whatever the outcome of the postal vote, more people will have more discussions together about life, meaning and the universe.

You should start a conversation over coffee with one of your Christian neighbours or colleagues about Jesus and marriage, everyone is welcome.

Reverend Luke Isham, Horsham Presbyterian Church, on behalf of the Horsham Ministers’ Association.