Barry Dale Dumesny was a lovable larrikin with a quick wit.

Barry Dale Dumesny was known by many names, most people just knew him as 'Dum'. Jan had a few names for him such as Oigle or The Old Coot but to his daughters; Mlle (Rees), Susan (Schilling) and Julie (Marchesini), he was just 'Dad' and he was one of the best.

Barry was a simple man; mostly he loved Jan and his family, especially the grandkids. He enjoyed family get togethers always joining in the banter with a few corny Pop jokes. To them, he was simply “A Bloody Legend”.

Barry, the youngest of 12 children, was born on June 23, 1939, to parents Jack and Isabel. They lived in a farmhouse in Horsham West, now known as the Jenkinson Estate where a street has been named after the Dumesny family. 

He attended the old Horsham Primary School, and high school, walking to school with his siblings and also the Ballinger boys, Teddy Parish and Herbie Faux.

LEGEND: Barry Dale Dumesny was “a top bloke” - a lovable larrikin with a quick wit.

LEGEND: Barry Dale Dumesny was “a top bloke” - a lovable larrikin with a quick wit.

Barry started his butcher’s apprenticeship with Harpers in 1954,  working alongside lifelong mate Wally Ballinger in Horsham and Natimuk, for over 26 years. Barry then joined the Horsham City Council Parks and Gardens staff for the next 24 years. He was Works Chairman of the River Beautification Committee and formed the grassy rises at the Sound Shell by eye. Friday knock-off was the highlight - having a beer with the boys.

Barry retired in 2004 satisfied with being king of his castle, achieving the Great Australian Dream. He owned his house and car, had a boat and a caravan - what more could a man want? Barry and Jan enjoyed trips with the van, often meeting up with old friends and one of Barry's favourite nephews Max.

Barry was famous for growing tomatoes and the race was on each year for the first to pick a ripe tomato. His greatest rival was his other favourite nephew, John Penny. He loved pottering around the yard, winning Champion Garden twice. He restored antiques aided by his brothers Ron and John. He loved camping, fishing, and duck shooting with his son-in-laws Ken and John. He poached yabbies at every opportunity with his much-loved mate George Ballinger. Most of all, he loved ‘buggarlising’ around in his shed.

Barry's memory started to slip in his 70s but he never lost his cheekiness and sense of humour. His wishes came true as he died having not gone into care. Jan certainly fulfilled her wedding vow, ‘in sickness and in health’, for 55 years, but never more true than on June 22 when Barry slipped away in her arms. Barry was farewelled with a memorial service celebrating his life on June 30. Barry was “A Top Bloke”, a lovable larrikin with a quick wit. He was greatly loved and is very sadly missed but his laughter will be forever remembered.