Horsham's Darcy Couch loses licence for six months

A HORSHAM P-plater has lost his driver’s licence after he was caught drug-driving twice in two days.

Darcy Couch, 22, appeared in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to two counts of drug-driving.

The court heard that on May 24 at 7.13pm, Couch was driving south on Raggett Street in Horsham when he was intercepted by police for a routine check.

Couch was drug tested, which was positive for methylamphetamine, or ice, and cannabis.

Couch told police he had had marijuana a few days before and wasn’t aware it was still in his system.

On May 26 at 2.56pm, Couch was driving west on O’Connor Street, Horsham, when he was intercepted by police.

He was drug tested again, which was positive for methylamphetamine and cannabis.

Magistrate Mark Stratmann said the charges didn’t imply that Couch had used drugs after he was first intercepted.

He said it could take weeks for drugs to leave the system for some people.

“It doesn’t diminish the offending, but it also doesn’t necessarily mean that he used again between the two incidents,” he said.

Defence solicitor Andrew Moore said Couch had since made a genuine effort to get off drugs, with the support of his mum.

“He is hoping to start seeing a counsellor at Grampians Community Health and is also seeing a visiting psychiatrist,” he said.

Mr Stratmann encouraged Couch to try to beat drugs.

“Otherwise, there is only one direction and that’s down – you will end up in jail,” he said.

“The last thing any magistrate wants to do with a 22 year old is lock them up with hardened criminals.

“You have a better life ahead of you than this.”

Mr Stratmann cancelled and disqualified Couch’s licence for six months.

He deferred making further decisions on sentencing for two months, in order to obtain a report from Couch’s drug counsellor and psychiatrist. 


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