Halls Gap Zoo welcomes baby tiger quolls

HALLS Gap Zoo has welcomed two new furry friends, with a pair of tiger quolls born.

Senior keeper Brit Hide said the tiger quolls were born on July 1, but they only emerged from their mother’s pouch a few weeks ago.

“They opened their eyes about two weeks ago, so now they are starting to explore a bit more,” she said.

“They live in nesting boxes but they are starting to venture out a bit.

“They are very sweet.”

There is one male tiger quoll named Dusty, after Richmond Football Club star Dustin Martin, along with a female quoll named Yara.

Ms Hide said the tiger quoll was a threatened species, so it was exciting to have them breed successfully.

“It’s always great when our native species breed,” she said.

“This species is a little closer to home too because we used to have tiger quolls in the Grampians but we don’t anymore – although there has been a few sightings in the past few years.”

Ms Hide said at the moment, the tiger quolls weren’t on display at the zoo.