Walker visits skate park day

Jai Walker featured as a special guest at Central Grampians LLEN’s skate park day held on October 7.

Walker, who is back in his home town of Stawell following a stint in the Cayman Islands, performed tricks, gave advice and handed out prizes and merchandise from his major sponsor Havoc Pro Scooters. 

Four members from the Havoc team were at the day to encourage kids to get active and try something different. 

CGLLEN youth project officer Biljana Radoicic said the day was great.

“There was a good turnout. We had a DJ, free BBQ and the guys from Havoc as well,” she said. “The main aim was to have a community event for kids to have fun and to participate.”

$111 was also raised from a cake stand, with was donated to CGLLEN’s Ararat youth hub. 

Walker has been heavily involved in the promotion of extreme sports and scooter riding in recent times.

His stay at the Cayman Islands, which was supported by its government, involved handing out scooters and teaching children about scooters.

It has been a whirlwind year for Walker, having competed at the International Scooter Association world games as well as the Nitro World Games. 

Walker’s mother and Havoc Australian representative Tammy Walker said there is no limit for her son.

“He will be competing in Australian Scooter Association events and hopefully qualify for the world championships again,” she said. “Following that he will go back to the Cayman Islands to keep growing the sport. I am so, so proud of him.”

Walker said the work Jai is doing among the community is beneficial for the whole community.  “The sport provides another avenue for kids to get active,” she said. “It is an alternative to sitting on a desk staring at a screen. “It is also a great way of meeting new people and making new friends.”

Walker will be in Australia until February where he will be touring the country competing in scooter events and promoting Havoc scooters. ​