Wimmera Bowls Division Round 2 wrap

Coughlin Park 1 started its season after a first round bye with a seven-shot win over Dimboola 1. A 23-15 win by Merv Dean, Geoff Bald, John Flynn and Peter Beasley (s) proving pivotal. Horsham City 1 won three rinks in their seven-shot win over Nhill 1. The rinks skipped by Ron Goudie and Anthony King did enough to cover a 13 shot win by Kevin Jones, of Nhill. Sunnyside 1 was on fire in a big win over Edenhope 1, with all rinks scoring big wins.

In Division 2, Nhill 2 powered past Dimboola 2 by 89 shots. Graeme Dunford, Bruce Beacom, Philip Henseleit and Barry Schultz (s) starred to win 51-9. In tighter games, Coughlin Park 3 and Natimuk both won by 9 shots over Sunnyside 3 and Goroke. In the battle of the Horsham City teams, number 2 came out on top by 36 shots. Kevin Kearns, Barry and Elsie Bardell, and Hux Mitchell had a 42-12 margin against their club mates.

In Division 3, Horsham Golf christened their new green with a big win over Edenhope 2. John Mulquiny, Darryl Phillips, Marty Montgomery and Kevin Walsh (s) found it to their liking and won 51-4. Sunnyside 4 struggled at Nhill 3 and went down by 39 shots. Mervyn Schneiders rink won 37-12 for the victors. Kaniva 2 and Coughlin Park 4 shared the points, avoiding a clash with the Kaniva Show. Horsham City 4 had a bye after the Horsham City 5 side was withdrawn for the season.

In Midweek Pennant, Kaniva remain on top of the ladder after all 3 rinks had good wins over Dimboola and won by 58 shots. Nhill also claimed all 3 rinks against Coughlin Park 2. A 25-13 win by Lola Alexander, Daphne Scott, Kenneth and Lorraine Pilgrim (s) made up the bulk of the 19 shot margin. Horsham City 1 and Sunnyside 1 had a close game with City getting up by 3 shots. Rinks skipped Mavis Janetzki and Geoff Inglis both had good wins. In Division 2, Serviceton had a 27 shot win over Sunnyside 2. Coughlin Park had a 15 shot win over Natimuk. A 30-15 win by Gwen Antonucci and her team being the difference. Goroke managed a 3 shot win over Horsham City 2. This week the Over 60’s Pairs will be played at Nhill. Well done to Nhill’s John Lynch and Serviceton’s Loma Wallis who won their over 60 singles events last week.