Glenpaen Merino and Poll Merino Stud break records

 Elders Roly Coutts, Glenpaen's Rod Miller, Campbell and Greg Penny, Gleneden Merinos, Douglas with their purchase, held by Landmarks Stephen Chalmers.

Elders Roly Coutts, Glenpaen's Rod Miller, Campbell and Greg Penny, Gleneden Merinos, Douglas with their purchase, held by Landmarks Stephen Chalmers.

IT MIGHT have been unlucky Friday, the 13th,  however Glenpaen Merino and Poll Merino Stud at Brimpaen bucked that myth during its on-property sale, breaking several records.

There was a record top price ram of more than $5000, record registered buyers and a record crowd attending.

All 100 lots offered where sold to a record top price of $10,000 to achieve a high average of $2575.

This average is up more than $250 on lasts years average. 

The top priced ram was found in lot five, Glenpaen 520 14 38, a son of Glendonald 520 ram with fleece measurements of 18.8 micron, 3.0 standard deviation, 16 co-efficient of variation and a body weight of 118 kilograms. 

This ram was bought by Greg and Campbell Penny, Gleneden Merinos, Douglas. 

“We saw this ram on display at Sheepvention and we just loved his outlook,” Mr Penny said.

“He has that bold crimping wool, great top with plenty of nourishment.

“We hope his will make a great stud sire for us.”

There where three equal second top prices of $5000 for lot one lot two and lot 25.

There was great volume buying support on the day with Nyowee Props, Hamilton, buying 12 rams, including one of the equal second top priced ram of $5000 for lot two to average $2979. 

Another volume buyer on the day was Craig and Judy Carpenter, Buln Gherin Pastoral, Beaufort, buying 10 rams to a top of $5000, which included two of the equal second top priced rams, to average $3950.

“We have been chasing the Glenpaen genetics for the past five years,” Mr Carpenter said. 

“We find the sheep have the ability to cut weight to micron so therefore able to handle our rainfall conditions. They need to be soft handling, well nourished with a white wool.”

Phil, Trudy and Mathew Hall, Mt Glen Farms, Joel South, where also a volume buyer buying eight rams during the auction to average $1787, while also buying a further two rams after auction. 

“We saw Glenpaen at Sheepvention three years ago and found they have similar sheep to what we are breeding, however they are better sheep,” Mr Hall said.

“Therefore we came here sourcing the bigger framed, finer micron of 18 to 19, which will suit our environment.

“Glenpaen also track their multiple births, and that is something we are tracking also, we are sourcing the twin rams as usually they will produce more lambs, meaning more profit at the end.”

Other notable buyers where Dungloe Partnership with six rams to average $2008 while the Leach Family bought five rams to average $1760.

Glenpaen Merinos principal Rod Miller said he was blown away with the day’s support.

He said to achieve a record on property sale for everything is very exciting.

“We had plenty of repeat buying support with many new clients,” he said.

“Some of these new clients have seen our sheep at Sheepvention which has resulted in them following our operation.”

Elders’ Ross Milne said it was a buoyant sale on the back of strong wool prices.

He said the sheep presented very well.

“The average is up on last year, however there was still opportunity for people to get rams from $800 through to $1000,” he said.

A further 12 rams where sold after auction, with Elders running a mini auction due to the high demand on certain rams. 

Glenpaen will offer further rams next year to cover the increase in buyers.

Mr Miller said this year he recorded the highest number of stud lambs therefore he would have more rams to pick from for the 2018 sale. 


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