Horsham Rural City Council 2017-18 mayor election looms

HORSHAM Rural City councillors will meet tonight to elect its next mayor.

Councillors will vote in a secret ballot before a statutory meeting on Thursday, when the new mayor for 2017-18 will be sworn in. 

David Grimble, Mark Radford, John Robinson, Josh Koenig, Alethea Gulvin, Pam Clarke and Les Power were last year elected by residents to represent the rural city for a four-year term.  

Crs Clarke and Grimble were mayoral candidates for the 2016-17 year, with Cr Clarke elected to the position.

Cr Clarke said she would run for mayor again in the vote on Monday night.

She has served on council before, and has also been mayor, in 2008-09.

Crs Grimble, Radford and Robinson said they had not decided whether to nominated for the position. 

Cr Grimble said he would consider his options before deciding whether to put his name forward.

He said his position as a councillor was his priority.

“To me, my role as a councillor is most important and I look to maintain the principles I stand for,” he said. 

Cr Grimble was also a returning councillor in the 2016 election. He has served two terms as mayor, in 2012-13 and 2013-14.

Cr Robinson said he was undecided about nominating for mayor.

Cr Radford said his decision depended on which other councillors would nominate themselves at the meeting on Monday night.

He said he would be influenced by Cr Clarke’s verdict. 

“If Cr Clarke decides to run for mayor again then I will not be putting my name forward,” he said. 

“But, if she makes the decision to not put her name forward, then I will nominate myself for the position.” 

Cr Radford has also served on council previously, including as mayor in 2014-15.

Crs Koenig and Gulvin have declared they will not nominate themselves for the position. 

Cr Koenig said he would not have the time required to devote to the position with a young family and developing career.

However, Cr Koenig said the role was certainly a long-term goal. 

Likewise, Cr Gulvin said the position required a lot of time and attention. 

She said she was excited for the next year, having recently been married, and was also focusing on building her career.

Cr Power was unavailable for comment.


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