Man finds chainsaw in Green Lake

Stephen Kalms stumbles across a chainsaw in Green Lake.
Stephen Kalms stumbles across a chainsaw in Green Lake.

A DIMBOOLA father has called for people to act more responsibly around water after he found a chainsaw in Green Lake.

Stephen Kalms was at the lake with his son Jack Kalms, 14, when they decided to go for a swim. 

As they were walking out into the water Mr Kalms said hit something on the ground in the lake. 

“I hit something, and it was heavy,” he said. 

“I kicked it but it wouldn’t move so I picked it up out of the water and it was a chainsaw.” 

Mr Kalms said the chainsaw appeared to have been on fire.

He said he believed whoever threw the chainsaw in the water had done so to put it out but had not gone back to retrieve it. 

“It was in two feet of water,” he said.

“Imagine if a little kid had gone out to swim and jumped in, they would have cut themselves up,” he said. 

“It’s horrible.” 

Mr Kalms removed the chainsaw from the lake and took it to his home in Dimboola. 

“The chain was still on it and it would have had at least a 20-inch bar,” he said.

“It wasn’t small.”

Mr Kalms said it was no ones fault except for the ‘yahoo who didn’t think’. 

“People have to take responsibility for their actions,” he said.

“It could have ended up with someone being cut up badly. 

“You couldn’t see it – the water was up to my knees.” 

Green Lake foreshore advisory committee member Russell Peucker said it was ridiculous that there was a chainsaw in the lake. 

He urged people to take responsibility for their actions.

“It could be you or your kids next time,” he said.