Letters to the editor | December 1, 2017

Help for our farmers

THERE was a late frost in the Wimmera on November 4 and not much has been reported on this. 

As the days went by, the damage could be seen – chickpeas with 95 per cent damage and lentils 60 to 100 per cent damage. What’s left will be downgraded. Millions of dollars were lost in four hours and the flow-on to small towns will be devastating. 

What help will the government give? Let’s have a look at our local members to see what help they will give. 

Emma Kealy, to give her credit, does make noise – which is more than our last member did. But remember the National Party is only the tail of the Liberal dog, who are only interested in Melbourne. You only have to remember the dark days of Jeff Kennett’s iron rule that crippled country Victoria. 

Opposition leader Matthew Guy has already said he will spend billions of dollars in Melbourne just to fix congestion if he gets voted in at the next election. So there’s no help there. 

Daniel Andrews’ Labor government also only seems to spend money in Melbourne, unlike past premiers including Steve Bracks and John Brumby, who were premiers of Victoria and not just Melbourne. 

Our Federal Member for Mallee Andrew Broad said there was no point putting a wind farm at Murra Warra because there is not enough wind. He is probably too busy with more important issues such as same-sex marriage and dual citizenship. Same tail, same dog. 

Remember how many millions of dollars governments have given to Holden and Ford over the years? They have gone from Australia now but farmers are here for the long haul. Sorry, I forgot this frost happened in country Victoria and not Melbourne – so help won’t happen. 

As I get older, it’s harder to put up with all that goes on. If it doesn’t happen in Melbourne or a big city, it doesn’t matter. 

Robert Byrne, Blackheath

Monitoring water

A QUESTION for GWMWater: Is the water sourced from such storages as Lake Bellfield free from hydatids? 

Hydatids is a disease fatal to humans. The last death from it, to my knowledge, was Sam Mason of Mafeking from drinking untreated creek water. 

Oliver Guthrie, Ballarat

Dance concert delights

I WAS lucky enough to attend The Dancers Zone concert in Horsham this month and what a future we have with such lovely dance routines in the town hall. 

The town hall stage settings certainly add to such lovely talent and the costumes were just so beautiful. The age range was also beautiful – from little toddlers to very talented adults and all ages in between. 

Congratulations to Lynne McKenzie and all your team. It was surely a lovely afternoon of entertainment. 

The piece I absolutely loved was Hallelujah with all the girls dressed in white. It brought me to tears, it was so touching. 

Keep up the great work everyone.

Dorothy Armstrong, Horsham 

Performance for seniors

WOW – what a successful senior’s week performance of Christine Middleton’s Scones, Lamingtons and Chocolate Roll on Monday, October 9 on the flat floor of the Horsham Town Hall.

It was a moving performance with something for everyone who attended – and, of course, refreshments included scones, lamingtons and chocolate rolls.

A special thanks goes to the Horsham Rural City Council, their senior’s week co-ordinator Jackie Bennett and all the staff and volunteers at the Horsham Town Hall. Ticket sales surpassed all expectations.

The performance by Christine Middleton was her second performance facilitated by the North West Grampians Lions branch to be held in Horsham.

The branch would like to acknowledge sponsorship by the Coles, Safeway and a random act of kindness from Wimmera Design and Print.

The branch is discussing the possibility of a third performance by Christine Middleton in the new year.

Once again, a special thanks to all who attended and all those that supported and made the event possible.

Keith Fischer, president, and Libby Peucker, performance facilitator, North West Grampians Lions branch 

Burke’s claims disappoint

I DO not know Don Burke. Given everything I have heard about him this week, I am probably glad I do not know Don Burke.

But what I do know is that to use Asperger’s syndrome as an excuse for deplorable behaviour is in itself despicable.

Don Burke may have amazing abilities of self-diagnosis, but his knowledge of Asperger’s leaves an enormous amount to be desired.

Having Asperger’s does not make a person a bully or make them more likely to sexually harass or assault people. It does not lead to any of the sort of behaviour that Mr Burke stands accused of.

Mr Burke owes the Asperger’s community of Australia a huge apology. They have enough to deal with without having to put up with him getting on national television and slandering them.

After Don Burke apologises he might like to do a little study and discover for himself how out of line he is, and if he cares, try to imagine the hurt and pain he has caused to so many.

If he’s not prepared to apologise for any of his other behaviour and actions, I hope he can at least start with saying sorry to the Asperger’s community.

Bernie Finn, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Autism Spectrum Disorder


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