Horsham's annual Carols by Candlelight a roaring success | Photos, videos

HORSHAM’S Carols by Candlelight ignited the Christmas spirit in the Wimmera on Sunday night. 

The performance was shifted from the traditional Horsham Soundshell venue to the Town Hall on late notice due to the weather forecast for the weekend. 

The change in venue didn’t hinder the atmosphere or reception of the annual show with patrons and organisers putting on a perfect performance. 

First time MC Jessica Wilson led the opening song Hark the Herald Angels Sing with the choir. 

The children at the Town Hall were treated to an early performance by the Mik Maks, the Town Hall was booming with children found dancing and singing along to the Mik Maks tunes. 

An up-beat change to the show came after the Mik Maks when Belinda Elliot, Emma Rissmann, Jemima Olston, Lucinda Brinney and Shanae Thomas sang It’s Not Christmas Without You

Robbie Millar returned to the carols stage and belted out an amazing rendition of Christmas Time Again. 

The two young Horsham Arts Council Annie performers, Bonnie Mellor and Claudia Lopez O’Donnell, melted the rooms hearts when they were accompanied by Simon Dandy and Sandy the dancing dog to perform We Need A Little Christmas.

To close the night all performers, choir and band members combined for the Finale Medley to end on a joyful note, Greg McKinnon and Jamie Thomas showed their talents as rappers. 

Carols by Candlelight organiser Simon Dandy said he couldn’t have been more proud with everyone involved. 

“To see a community come together, the Town Hall, the committee members, Horsham itself, to come together and create something like what we have just done in two days… I think is pretty special,” he said. 

Mr Dandy said the whole Carols by Candlelight committee was in shock when they found out they would have to move the venue. 

“We had a phone call from (Town Hall manager Shana Miatke) and she said she was willing to work with us and that they wanted to see (Carols by Candlelight) happen. They’ve been amazing,” he said.  

Mr Dandy said the Wimmera has a great deal of talent to choose from. 

“There are so many people that aren’t performing tonight who has so much talent. The level of talent out here is just phenomenal and we saw that tonight. I think about a lot of things we bat above our average,” he said.

Mr Dandy said the night had two perfect MC’s in Miss Wilson and Simon Risson. 

“I’ve been an organiser for seven years and this is the most proud I have ever been,” he said.