Three car and one truck crash causes no serious injuries

The crash scene. Picture: ELIJAH MACCHIA
The crash scene. Picture: ELIJAH MACCHIA

MOTORISTS are being warned of a crash on the Western Highway near Horsham.

One lane of the highway, about seven kilometres east of Horsham at Bungalally, remained open to traffic after the crash about 11.30am Tuesday. 

Horsham Sergeant Rob McBride said a truck and four-wheel drive had crashed at a section of the road undergoing roadworks.

He said this resulted in the four-wheel drive hitting a sedan and the sedan scraping a caravan. 

“(The truck driver) was unable to stop and he collided into the rear of the four-wheel drive,” he said. 

There were four vehicles involved. 

The four-wheel drive and the sedan were towed away from the scene while the caravan only had a scratch, Sergeant McBride said. 

There were six people involved in the crash. 

“At this stage, minor injuries have occurred. Everyone should be fine,” he said. 

“It’s ended up quite well considering what could have happened.” 

Sergeant McBride said it was important people paid attention around roadworks.

He encouraged people to stick to the advisory speed signs.