The greatest story ever told | You and the Church

Traditionally in the first week of December my Christmas tree is put up and decorated, a Christmas gift has already been wrapped and given and our wonderful Horsham Carols by Candlelight has been held.

Sadly, many adults keep Jesus as that little newborn, laying in a manger.

Major Carolyn Wright

Then starts the Christmas parties - lots of food, more carol services and buying, wrapping and giving of yet more gifts, and so goes the tradition of Christmas. 

Christmas day arrives and families gather - more eating, more gift giving and the whole day can pass by without a thought to the one that is supposed to have the place of honour.  

An old story, but one of my favourites, is about the little five-year-old girl who proudly was helping her mother decorate the house for Christmas, the tradition had started the year before.

As her mother handed her daughter a few Christmas cards to peg on the string she noticed her daughter standing and staring intently at one card with the nativity scene on the front.

She asked the little girl if something was wrong, and the little girl answered in a troubled voice, “I thought He would be walking by now?”  

Very cute for a child, however, sadly many adults keep Jesus as that little newborn, laying in a manger, they forget that the `star’ of the Greatest Story Ever Told, is just the beginning of the amazing plan God created for the world.

The baby Christ child grew up and started to turn the world upside down, His Heavenly Father, God, loved the world so much that His one and only Son died on the cross in agony, for us!

So please on Christmas day, when you’re lying on the couch, stomach too full to move, quietly give a thought to the one who made this day possible. Have a safe and blessed Christmas.                    

Major Carolyn Wright, The Salvation Army Horsham