Homers aim to rectify C Grace slump

Jeremy Tyler
Jeremy Tyler

AFTER two straight loses Homers will attempt to stop their fall down the C Grade Horsham Cricket Association ladder against Laharum in round eight.

The Homers side was undefeated through the first six rounds but now sits fourth on the ladder after consecutive losses to Horsham Saints Red and Rup-Minyip.

Laharum only lost narrowly to the Saints Red side in round seven on the back of a strong bowling performance. If the side’s attack, led by Jeremy Tyler, can put early pressure on an experience Homers top-order it stands a chance of an upset win. 

The Saints Red side will have to defend its place on top of the ladder against an increasingly impressive Rup-Minyip. The Blue Panthers have won their last four games on the back of a batting lineup which has managed to spread the load well. 

Rod Weidemann, Bailey Young, Jason Thomson and Gavin Young have all scored more than 100 runs for the side to this point.

Second-placed Quantong will face a stiff challenge against a Horsham Saints Black side eager to stay in touch with the top four as the mid-season break draws closer.

The Saints Black side secured its first win in three weeks on Saturday but will expect Quantong to put up more of a fight with the bat. Nathan Hill and Jake Muerschough will be key for the Quantong side. 

Lubeck-Murtoa and Jung Tigers will face off at Dimboola Road in the final match of the round. The Tigers have not won since round two but the side’s bowling attack continues to keep it in games despite disappointing with the bat.