Brad Koenig named the November Unsung Hero

HORSHAM’S Brad Koenig’s passion for helping children at primary schools has earned him November’s unsung hero award.

Mr Koenig is a father of two, Zachary, 14 and Olivia, 11, and he was nominated for his involvement with their school.

He regularly helps out at Horsham Primary School, going on school camps and excursions.  He works as a mentor at the school two days a week. 

“Ever since my kids were young, whatever needed parent involvement I have done it,” he said. 

“Whether it is in the classrooms or taking them to the swimming pool.

“I always put my hand up to do the bus trips, town trips or school trips.” 

Mr Koenig is also part of the school’s parents and friends committee.

“I love it, it’s time restricting sometimes from work, but there are other parents who do a lot too,” he said. 

He said he didn’t think his children would care if he wasn’t at the school as often. 

 “I thought they would think I was more embarrassing for them but they’re good kids and I love being around them,” he said. 

 Mr Koenig said the best thing about the Horsham community was that it was still a country town. 

“It’s polite to say hello walking down the street, most of the time they say hello back,” he said. 

“All my mates are her, family is here – so I am here.” 

He has owned Horsham’s Fig Tree Caffe with his wife Charmaine for almost 12 years.